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News fake. Just one percent U S D H chef. Oh, man, people texting. And some people saying, you know, what? I don't agree with what Louis C K said. But I don't want to take away his right to say it. No. I don't think so either let's be real people were pissed don't like Louis because of what he did in this day and age to the women that he did it too while he didn't sexually assault physically violently. He did do some things that were awful and horrible. And that's the reason why people are still trying to figure out if they like Louis or not that's why they haven't thrown him away things. Like, this aren't going to endure him to anything when you talk about the parkland kids, but understand what he was trying to do. He was trying to be funny and a joke that he missed and this day and age were quick to say, hey. Got to get rid of you forever. And that's the thing. That drives me crazy. It's like, I don't like what you said. So not only should you not be allowed to say it. I wanna make sure that you can never say anything again. And I'd like you to lose your job. And that's the thing. I think we're a lot of people getting pissed off about. It. It's crazy. It really is. It drives me crazy that we're in a position like that. Where we no longer want to maybe knock a person down a peg or two or Skuld them we want to destroy them. And that I I'm just not a fan of that. I'm not. So you take your kids to the zoo. There's a neat thing to do. Called. A rhino experience. You kids to should have been three in this situation. Next thing, you know, there's your kid hanging out with a rhino. Not good. Oh, the toddler had to be airlifted as a trauma alert her mother taken to the hospital as well with an injury to her arm. The girl's father saying statement today has been a trying day for our family or daughter is in good care and is doing well. My wife was also treated for her injury. It has been released from the hospital there the rhino essentially, just touched her with the snout. And if you don't know anything about rhinos there like a few animals, you fear. If you're an afro hippos like you're on the water hippos crocodiles hippos, hippo crocodile half rhino on land. And how the little girl got in there. Squeeze through the bars. I like how first of all. It's your kid that close. I look at mom and dad, what are you? What are you doing? Right. But as you know, if you've got ten kids five kids, it's a bunch of noise. Things are happening. People are looking it's easy for sneak away. I get that. And you look at the zoo, and you say there should be no way that anybody should any thing. I I wouldn't go anywhere near where I think like the rhinos. I like the rhinos that are like how should I say this? There's not only offense but a moat. If you're gonna go look at the zoo. And that to me was surprising as well. Because you know, nature will mess you up doesn't matter if you're out in nature, or if you'll bring a nature to you, it will mess you up and a rhino is the last thing and the rhino just probably looked at her and said what is this about? What are you are you walking around banana you walking around kind of thing that I should maybe have some sort. Oh, sorry about that. That looks painful. I didn't. That's that's my bad. My you're gonna wanna get that looked at. That's yeah. Yeah. Oh, mom. Sorry. Oh, I am. So sorry. Three three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. Tweet at us. Now, the person text in and said, well, you can't punish your girl for it's illegal because of her illness. And I think the badge doesn't say she's ill and she's failing. Because you still think it just says you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing for.

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