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The final guy to go into the pro football fame in canton ohio two league mvp awards a super bowl championship he took the arizona cardinals to the super bowl very exciting close loss that they had the pittsburgh steelers back in tampa several years ago so here was kirk will kurt warner addressing all the stance the road to our dreams austin has detours sometimes you gotta do what you got to do while you're waiting to do what you were boarded their thus by infamous did in the grocery store work at night stock in cells taken care of our kids during the day work it out in the afternoon stay ready sleeping when i could get up and doing it all over again which is as i knew was something i had to do i also realise there is a point of no return and i was back in myself into that corner if i wanna different results i needed to change my course because trust me no nfl scout comes running into i'll seven at three a m looking for their next year but i was crippled by the fear of the unknown i needed a little nudge to take that first step might nudge would come into separate incidents within just days of each other the first actually did happen in i'll seven at three a m just not in the form of an nfl scout but more apt lee that of a cereal box i was documents cereal hour opened up a case of these in on the box was one of the men with the seat behind me dan marino yeah once on the shelves it seemed that dan the man's eyes followed me like one of those creepy paintings in a horror movie is that walked back and forth throughout the night every time i looked at the box dancing to be ask him are you going to spend eur livestock in someone else's cereal boxes are you going to step out and make sure someone else's sucking yours at crazy conversation that crazy conversation between me and a cereal box would set the wheels of chains in motion and will lead to a pretty good laugh for less than five years later i would join dan marino was the only two players in the forty touched akbar then i know you had no idea the role that you play but thanks for.

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