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Ed general area. There are a lot of theories about aliens and theories about. Maybe using Whitesands is a spy maybe someone hacking to use the. At the sunspot. Mexico observatory to spy on white sands. And of course, we had SAM's call. He said that it was scaler wave scaler weaponry that the blew a hole in the magnetic field. It was reported that yes. The magnetic field shows a sign a sign of weakness in that we had a mini character in event during that time. And maybe that's why they shut everything down. But of course, the. The news official news report is they shut it down. Because some guy was transmitting child porn on an internet server on my ass. Sorry. I don't know. And I asked internet server and. That wasn't enough for me. And another was enough for me where people that were kind of like, you know, smirking about the idea that we don't have the power. To do anything like what? Sam Richard Hoagland described. Even Chris Mortensen when he was on the program. They all agreed that there wasn't a power. From Harper smack or hammer to do the very thing that Sam reported was done in order to create. A weather war or to create hurricanes nine different hurricanes at one time and hurricanes places in Florence during all kinds of crazy stuff. Now, I hear that Utah's giving get hit by a hurricane. Of course, hurricane is formed off Pacific. They're Baja, but it's shooting up through Nevada. Arizona and Utah. I don't know how far is going to get to my family. But still when I heard about this. I thought wow, a hurricane Utah bad storms before. But I've never heard of hurricane. You know, the idea of a hurricane or piece of hurricane winding up with the state of Utah places. But obviously, there's something wrong. There's something wrong in the sky. There's something wrong with the jet stream and the ions fear, and we can talk about geo engineering, but it's not it's not as interesting is what I got going on. We can talk geo engineering anytime. But I got to thinking about something that I read today was a study done in the UK about how scientists figured out that. The three hundred bond drops that happened in England in the UK during the war. Actually, the the wave set off the bombs actually went into the edge of space. And it's amazing story because Christopher Scott is the guy. He's was published in scientific American. He is the atmospheric physicist at the university of reading in the UK. And he found the waves produced by the bombs were detonated in world. War two were felt at the edge of space. He said, okay. No. It wasn't three hundred one hundred fifty two allied rates. He said that the energy of three hundred lightning strikes. Were released at one hundred fifty two large allied air raids in Europe. He founded the electron concentration significantly decreased due to the shock waves from the bombs. Ingo Mueller would argue who is actually a planetary scientist Imperial College of London who was not involved in. The study said that his research is the neat demonstration of how the honest fear is affected by activity on the ground despite being many tens to hundreds of kilometers above. Greg. The effects of the shock waves would be temporary Scott said lasting under a day. The I honest fear is largely controlled by solar radiation. He told life-science the bombing represents a small impact by comparison. So I got to thinking about the nuclear bombs. I got to think I got to thinking about the bombs were set off in New Mexico trinity. Right. Same area were sunspot was and the thirty third degree parallel which is supposed to be this place where all things magical in any kind of major task is taken is taken. They're done there. And and you know, a lot of things have happened at the Kennedy assassination happened on thirty. Third parallel. Robert Kennedy was killed on the thirty three rd parallel Roswell happened on the thirty third parallel. Go down the list of things of major events that happened on thirty parallel hero Sheva Nagasaki the bomb going off and thirty thirty repair. It was the thirty third president of the United States that basically said the bombs are going off in Japan that was Harry Truman. I mean, I mean, this is all kinds of different coincidence. I mean, they set off the bomb at trinity on seven six thousand nine hundred forty five at seven plus one plus six plus one plus nine plus four plus five thirty three. Thirty three. So Jack Parsons who was a magician. And we talked about it before he had speculated that what happened there at trinity was something more than just a bomb going off something more tests the power and the will of mankind. It was a ritual. While the bomb was powerful enough to destroy cities. It was also strong enough to rip a hole. In space. Now, I know you've watched many of you many of us. I mean it school. I mean at school. We watch them all the time the newer numerous videos available on the web or in class you'd see these nuclear weapons tests. And of course, if you've seen the big ones go off like the hydrogen bombs. I'm sure you've said, wow, that's a lot of power. And and I remember when I was little watching. This has got a really damage to the earth. Even the underground tests. You know, we see everything cave in. And. I often wondered about the the test and why they had to do on planet earth. Why didn't they do them in space? And I read that they did do some in space. And that they were going to nuke the moon to send to the Russians. Of course time when nuclear weapons were developed, the capability to launch missiles into space didn't exist. But even if it did. Space tests were of limited use to nuclear scientists because nuclear weapons behave differently in space than on earth. Where of course, they would be used. So eventually through the well before the partial test-ban treaty ended in nineteen sixty three of the United States in Russia. They tested nuclear weapons outside the atmosphere. One by the United States is about three hundred thirty three hundred thirty five miles from earth. And then of course. When a bomb goes up in space, the appearance is different. We don't see a mushroom cloud. What we see is. We say an Aurora. Kind of like what the sun puts out during Sundstrom kinda like what the heart projects supposed to do is supposed to create an Aurora. So the Aurora affect happens when you blow up a bomb in space nuclear bomb. And then the electromagnetic pulse nuclear weapons admits. Well, sometimes it affects the satellites. And at the time there weren't that many. But it would affect the satellites had to be very careful when they detonated that bomb. So. When nuclear weapons were first tested. Some scientists must have swallowed their gut feelings of the planet was being irretrievably damaged by the tests in ways that were difficult to quantify. But if you can't I mean, if you can fathom. What that bomb would have done. And how the scientists were all worried it was in re Enrico fair made the guy that came up with the families paradox. The guy came up with the idea that aliens existed. He was putting wagers on the idea that if the bomb was to go off it would rip a hole in the I honest fear. Go all the way out into space, basically, destroying anything in its wake causing the atmosphere and everything caved in on on all.

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