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The moment. I realized that by. Privilege can no longer blanket my. my children. And Living intimately with a black man with my husband, things that I had learned and studied in theory in college became real life experiences and There's something about living those real real life experiences that you cannot deny and becoming a mother amplifies that in ways in your heart and in your actions That transcends literature and Studies so definitely you know parenting and politics are intertwined. Pressure. So I thought about high wanted to frame this conversation in I wanNA give you the time and space to share. or not share what you're feeling. That, we need to know I. Think for those of us who aren't raising black children. There comes a moment when a light bulb goes off, the blinders come off, and you kind of understand to the best of my ability I'm GONNA say. That as a parent. What you experienced is not compatible to what the parents black children are experiencing. And the reason I really wanted to have the NASA on on. Today's because for me. That moment came and I. I wrote about the degrom on personal instagram page that moment came from me in two thousand, sixteen. Vanessa and I were rooming together and She was waiting for a call from her husband and she. Said something to me and then she said you don't know what it's like. To kind of wait for the and I'm paraphrasing, but the idea was. You don't know what it's like, do you? You don't know what it's like to like wait. And be scared that something might happen to your husband. And at that moment, it was like that was like my moment and I was like. Oh, no I don't but I could feel it I could feel the anguish that she was experiencing and dominant moment. Everything I think just just blew up for me, and my face was like Oh my God like you're right. I could never oh, my God. person who is a mother and a wife of black children is feeling this. So that that's kind of where I Where I had that moment of realization that Oh my goodness, these two things are not the same right and I couldn't imagine what it was like. To have that anguish every day you know every day your spouses go out and. You. You have. Interactions with people and you don't know what's going to happen. So I. Want to ask you two questions. The first one is have you been in situations where you feared for your partners life? I mean I'll go yes? Yes, I have you know in It's happened. You know in each town USA in southern California. It's happened in New York. City and fears a relative thing right for him. He might not have been as scared because his. He's been black his whole life for me. The wake ending that you're speaking of really did start A loving him so much that I don't want to tie you know and I think the The fear that ignites this type of unrest the uprising that we're seeing. is is based on that like the social contract has been broken you the deprivation of.

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