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Bless you boxes Steve Harrigan reporting reports in Iran's begun injecting uranium gas into its advanced centrifuges a clear violation of the twenty fifteen nuke deal the secretary of defense reacts I'm not surprised that Iran has announced that it's going to violate the JC PO a they have been violating it they were. they had violated the nuclear nonproliferation treaty for many years so it's no surprise that the a a ranger going to pursue with the reins of always intended to pursue mark asper currently meeting with his French counterpart discussing issues facing the US and the U. America's. W. O. A. I. local news an argument in the parking lot of the Walmart and van der and mainland this morning ended with one man shot in the head and another on the run police say the argument quickly escalated detectives don't know yet what caused it or whether the two men knew each other the victim was rushed to university hospital in extremely critical condition the shooter sped away up and terra towards sixteen oh four governor Abbott eight executive orders mainly place burdens on police departments and there are doubts the police department will be able to meet the governor's deadlines the goal is to improve the reporting investigation of suspicious behavior in order to prevent mass shootings this includes the coordination of intelligence between federal state and local law enforcement as well as school districts in mental health professionals former fort worth sheriff turned consultant Jeffrey hall stand we really really have to give them technology and tools to instantly collaborate twenty four seven so that nothing falls through the cracks because the one case that falsely a crack in the comes an active shooter everyone's gonna think the system has failed when it could have prevented hundreds before that at the capitol Chris fox news radio twelve hundred WOAI news four San Antonio is reporting that San Antonio park an airport officers are suing the city court documents reveal the officers are calling for equal pay between them an essay P. D. officers Ricky pull an attorney representing the San Antonio park police officers association says the city has failed to recognize park an airport officers as San Antonio police officers the lawsuit is expected to be served to the city next week in sports.

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