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But before we go into kind of the meat of our conversation. Let's get a little personal and. I wanted to do this just in case there are listeners out there who like me grew up in the church with ample exposure to the bible, but never really realized that there was a unifying narrative to the bible and never really noticed that every book of the bible alternately points to Jesus. So join us start us off. When did you first realize that there was this thing called a meta narrative of scripture or a unified storyline in the bible that all points decrease? Yeah. It's actually kind of crazy how long it took. You know, I have talked about, you know, I grew up in the church by you know, I heard all of these bible stories, and I could tell you a lot of different bible stories, but I never actually thought about how they all fit together. And it wasn't until probably a few years ago that I I heard this term. And I think that the first time I heard it as China remember back when that I I hear it. I think it was when I read Jen Wilkins book women of the word. Yeah. And she talks about seeing this big story and how to study the bible in light of that big story. And you know, it really transformed the way that I've used scripture before this. I was never really drawn to the Old Testament. I would kind of read it and didn't really know what to do with it. You know, and I will say that. Once I read about this for the first time, it's like, my eyes were opened and this whole new world opened up. What about you Stephanie? When did you first become familiar with this idea? Again, I think it's so similar. I grew up in the church like I said, and I was never really taught how to study the bible for myself. But whenever I did study a book, it was very random, and every book was very disjointed all of our Sunday school lessons. Whatever the bible stories were taught it was really to encourage morality and really didn't point to the redemptive work of Christ. An example. Of this is like the famous David and Goliath rate. We talked to our kids about it. And how David is this amazing hero? And he was so brave and took down the giant with some stones. Really? If you if we want to look at it with this redemptive history kind of in mind at saying, no, David was the imperfect hero, and there I how he's pointing to the perfect here of Jesus coming. And I think you're absolutely right. Jen Wilkins book was really pivotal in my walk to. And I think for me it was because she showed me that the bible is about God not about me. And like, you said that transformed how I approach the word and read the word and really like you said as well, like, my spiritual eyes were open, and I was able to actually see Christ in the Old Testament and really enjoyed like reading Deuteronomy in those book, we like to skip over like really changed me. And I think it was also about the same time that I started reading. The Jesus storybook bible to my Eliana. Yes. Five years ago, and oh my goodness. That is such a great little book that shows it really points. Jeez. Military beginning anew will find yourself easing, even as an adult season believer just being an off of God. These little Chiltern story and weeping. Yeah. Every time I read them out loud daughters. Kind of looking at me. Like, what are you doing? I'm just hearing up. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, it's so interesting because you're talking about seeing Christ in the Old Testament, and you know, growing up I was taught that like there are these passages that point to Jesus sees right Fifty-three about Jesus, you know?.

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