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But the fact that she was declaring these acts in the name of faith going against the church the majority of jones charges were based on allegations that her behavior displayed blasphemous presumption. Her claims of supernatural insight. Divine favor in communing with spirits could not be allowed to stand in the public eye. Those sort of accusations threatened all the power. The church stood for. Joan must be discredited and denounced at all cost. The court pointed out other instances such as the way jones signed her letters. Joan would often endorse her letters with the name. Jesus and mary. Joan also claim to be guaranteed salvation and would often wear men's clothing as a safety measure when travelling in order to mass that she was a woman jones. Most serious charge was ignoring the commands of the church in lieu of the commands of god. The hypocrisy in the churches charges were astounding on march. Thirty first joan was questioned in asked to clarify a few of her previous declarations specifically on her submission to the doctrines outlined by the church. Jones said that it was only god in her saints that she held herself answerable. This did nothing. But further and fury the court and church officials. The trial continued and joan. Seventy charges are eventually reduced to just twelve while imprison. Joan became deathly ill. While she was ill she was encouraged by the court to submit to the church. Joan who believed herself to be dying begged to go to confession and receive holy communion joan that she buried only in consecrated ground while joan and waited her feet. She was continually pressed to submit herself to the church. Joan responded i'm relying on our lord. I hold to what i have already said. As time went on and joan would not submit. The church became more insistent. Joan was eventually threatened with torture if she did not provide the information that was requested. Joan was under immense pressure. At this point she was aware her role and would not betray the king in her country although they had callously turn their backs on her jones strength and character was an absolute marvel when threatened with torture. Joan declared quite pointedly the even if they tortured her to death she would not reply differently. Joan added that in any case if they were to extract any information from her she would afterward maintain that any statement that was made had been exhorted by force in light of jones convictions. Her interrogators voted against torture. Ten to one. Joan was informed in no uncertain terms that she did not submit to the church in admit her guilt she would be turned over to be put to death. Joan would not relent on may twenty fourth. Joan was taken out of prison and escorted to a cemetery. I sentenced to be read during the sentence. Reading the sermon. Included several vicious attacks focused specifically on king. Charles jones spoke up saying that they had no right to attack the king who was a good christian. Joan requested that. The sermon should be confined to just jones own character rather than that of the king. After the sermon was concluded joan requested that the evidence of her history be sent over to rome. Naturally the judges ignored her appeal to the pope and began to read her final sentence. It was during the final sentence reading that joan faltered. And i thought it was really important to share this moment as well as i don't believe this is often discussed when speaking about joan of arc story. I thought it was important to share as it highlights. The joan was not invaluable. Joan was human. Joan was terrified and joan did not want to declared that she would do what the church required of her. At this declaration joan was presented with a form of adoration that had already been prepared in the event. Joan acquiesced when presented with the adoration joan hesitated but signed it doing so on the condition that it was pleasing to our lord after signing the document instead of death. Joan was condemned to life in prison. Joan was also ordered to wear women's clothing which she obeyed three days. After jones sentence began she was visited by the judges. The judges found joan to again. Be wearing men's clothing. Jones simply said that it was her preference. They again pressure. Joan to reveal more information to which she replied she was not able to do to divine advice. Jones said that the saints were not pleased with her announcement encouraging jones to return to her original faith accepting the ultimate fate in her beliefs. The judges realized that would never submit to the church as they requested and required. This was the key and nothing else mattered. The next morning joan was able to make her confession and receive communion. Joan was then led to her final destination. The steak on the way jones made to listen to one more sermon and her sentence all of which was read out in front of the judges and large crowd that had gathered to watch jones execution as joan was being tied to the stake. She was consoled by your priest who she asked to hold high a crucifix for her to see into shout out assurances of salvation loud enough that she should hear him above the roar of the flames with that final requests. The executioner slowly laid the torched the pyre as joan was engulfed by the flames. Her last words were calling out to her savior. It was described by witnesses at her later. Retrial that there was little doubt that joan was indeed. A faithful christian jones died on may thirtieth fourteen thirty one. It was estimated that she was roughly nineteen years old but jones story doesn't end there. Vindication by the courts would soon come in much more twenty years after her death. King charles ordered an inquiry into jones trial the resulting proceedings concluded that jones sentence will be revoked. An old joan was canonized by the pope on may sixteenth nineteen twenty. The one who was guided by saints became a saint herself. There few stories that i love. More than joan of arc's. I love that. She was clearly a maverick a leader a military powerhouse but she was also a woman a devout believer in her face and often described as a generous kind person. She was normal. I think we could all do well to learn a bit from the story of joan of arc. The goal of this podcast is to motivate you and motivation looks. Different feels different for everyone. While some are motivated by faith others are motivated by in our goals or family. It's different for everybody. Take from the story. What you need to fortify yourself you too can bring your visions into reality one day or battle at a time. I'll end jones story with a quote. She made on the day of her execution. It was i who brought the message of the crown to mike king..

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