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Steelers fans welcome back to the second segment of. Let's ride this wednesday show. I'm your host jeff. Hartmann senior editor of behind the steel curtain dot com in it's wednesday that means mailbag time in. This is when i get to answer questions. From my writer. Dai crew over the off season. I did do this live. I'd just was not that crazy. If i let me put it this way. I was kind of not upset. I was surprised. Then my or die crew didn't want to talk more but had a great time talking with the people that did show up. I'm just probably not gonna have time to do that during the season. Maybe we'll dusted off in the off season again. We'll get there. But in the meantime wednesdays are going to be pretty traditional in terms of on tuesdays if you follow me on twitter at j hartman h. t. underscore pi it. I'll put out a tweet. Hey got any questions. Then you fire away. Here's one from west hitchcock longtime listener. And he's followed us on youtube and things like that for a long time he says. Do you think devon bush's twitter activity has soured The steelers Soured him on the steelers and has anything to do with acquiring joe. Show over okay. Wes europe normally a pretty logical guy so first and foremost. I don't think that the steelers are soured with the twitter activity. Devon bush at all i mean they might have said hey devon. We don't need this in our life right now so please knock it off in. I wouldn't be shocked if they actually did that. But i don't think the acquisition of joe schubert has anything to do with devon bush's off season crazy twitter activity. I mean at all. Think about last season. What were we all saying. When bush got hurt toward tears aco where would we all saying man the steelers death at inside. Linebacker stinks boy. We wish we had a veteran someone. That's athletic someone they can cover guests who you just described. You just described joe schubert. So i'm not upset about the pick. And i don't think this is a cut on devon bush. Everyone wants to draw conclusions. And i don't know why. If joe chauve in devon bush play alongside one another and they look good in their dynamic and their sideline to sideline players and they really flowed well together. What in the heck are we talking about. Let's wait and see. Don't jump to conclusions. That's argon say okay. Let's go to the question next question. Sport says what does big press have to do to kick barry off the throne well first and then eases hashtag rider dike route. Thank you very much pittsburgh bud. Big press in berries on the fact that berry is on the throne is disgusting anyways but diverted big press. What does he have to do. I think he just has to be consistent if he can be consistent with the big cakes the hang time good holding if he can do all those things. I don't think he has to do. That's all he has to do. Let me put it that way. He doesn't have to do anything special if he can down them at the two yard line all the time that's great but the one thing that presley harvard has to prove is just that he can do time and time again that he is consistent. That's the one thing that jordan berry cannot in has not done in his time with the steelers in the national football league is shown that he can be consistent if presley harvey can do that the fact that he was a drafted player should tell you a lot. They can save money by having him on the team compared to Jordan berry so. I would think that would be a logical pick for them if he can just be consistent. Brian haynes says who was the surprise. Cut from from tuesday for you hashtag. Thank you brian. He has a few questions here. I gotta be honest. I was surprised. They kicks the kicker sam sloman was released. It was just one of those things where i thought they were going to loud. Chris boswell to kind of rest a little bit more. You didn't want him let member last season he was. He was constantly dealing with that hip and leg injury. And that was what matt matthew right had to be called in a couple of times to kick. I felt that they were going to keep slowing around at least another week. That's my surprise. So there you go mendez ass bunch of names. I guess who the steelers going to sign. I don't know if they're going to sign anyone. And he's referring to probably the fact that they restructured stefan to its contract. They freed up more salary cap. Space what are they going to do with it. So i mean you can listen to the live mike with deputy editor michael beck on tuesday morning and he gave you a whole slew of names from taylor decker. This stephon gilmore from new england quarterback the former defensive player of the year in. That's all great. We can all have that conversation. I don't think they're going to make a move anytime soon. They're gonna wait. They're gonna wait. They're already looking at the players that were released and once they see the name that they like. Don't be shocked if bring someone in. There's another round of cuts next week. So went from ninety two eighty five. Next week it goes to eighty five eighty in the week after that has do from eighty to fifty three so the steelers are gonna be watching every step of the way they probably have a list of players and positions that they're targeting but i just don't see them making big move anytime soon. Jake campbell says mark gilbert over your guy jay. Lane thoughts j campbell. It's a good question. He's talking about justin lane in mark. Yogurt mark gilbert. I felt his Has had a great camp. He's played well in the preseason games. Justin lane those a third round pick. I think if moore gilbert has shot is down the practice squad justin lane unless he gets at interception. He had an interception in practice the other day. Those are good things he's making plays. I'm not saying i'm a huge fan. But he's making plays and that's what he has to do. I think like. I said mark gilbert gotta hope for the practice squad and then justin lanes probably going to start on the fifty three man. Roster brian haynes s again what are your what are the most important things for the steelers to do in the next two weeks hashtag ride. I grew the the most important things for the steelers to do in the next two weeks. Number one is stay healthy. I mean chase klay. Pools will scare a my goodness. That's not enough to kind of get you. Holy cow Yeah it's one of those situations so stay healthy number two in the next two weeks gotta figure you gotta get your offensive line. Some semblance of cohesiveness. We'll put it that way and defensively. You just gotta get the rust off. You gotta get players like mingka out there. you're gonna have to get ben rothlisberger out there on offense. You gotta get cam hayward out there. Joe haden he got enough to knock the rostov rust off before we won when you go up to buffalo haskins. Qb to says. Hey jeff two questions here if you don't mind number one do you think it's time for the steelers to start giving the wide receiver a second contract because we have some studies right now. The only here..

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