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Anthony beauvilliers vista flip there as the islanders trail five nothing terada gets of offense going it is counter to the amount of course l fifty one points in his first fifty one games this season johnson bears as a rookie had fifty four point eight is very first year the national hockey league two thousand nine two thousand ten so again buzz they'll just three point shy what the adult or captain did hit his first here in the league greg jody they have flocked the top two centres you're trying to get some offense going so far twenty four shots on goal for the islanders but frederick anderson has stopped the ball leaves the pump forty one shots on thomas grace who is made thirty six save those trailer five five as we approach the midpoint of period three frederick anderson has never shut out the new york islanders in his career and he's eleven minutes away from doing that they found floating on the inner city got a tricky little save here out to his right above decrease he will make the style hard not to fake would play gets the leaf so there's a bouncing puck coming in on goal at could get their that goaltender trouble assets hostile audience by that was at nassau coliseum i to see the of seven elite season the hundred ninety seven foot goal shorthanded might i add from rob davis said who just try to get the puck out of his old offensive added ended up in the maple leaf neck ton uk new ride in here to barra says anthony mobility a directly behind him in the shooting all the left circle of leap size to the right of anderson matthews though local you got down a little early on at face up and beat the bears with the out as get the puck back ovilla covering it the blue line now set a point wrister stick save anderson and a jazz it to the far boards frosted matthews little doubts pass hit this man that's me later to the right circle in getting a glove on it was thomas grace what a great little indirect pass from austin mini after used to send a way william knee lander flying rightwing into the new york zone to get that by the stick of two islanders neutral zone is able to do so to settle in atlanta the left circle rocket good mad save anderson again out well about the top of the crease to make.

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