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Up some do ryan in my attempt to wrangle the treadmill of reward and sadness and happiness. I've found something new to keep me. Keep me happy last week. Last week i went to into Into a funk where my ipad pro ran out of space. 'cause i usually get them with a sixty four gig ram or giga space on it to just be able to use it have apps and stuff like that. I keep running out of space on it and i'm like okay. Let's let's do the trade in trick. Let's see how much get for this one to get a new one. And i looked up the new one with a terabyte who. Let's go big. Let's go big. It was a two thousand dollar ipad. And i'm like that's ridiculous but they do last forever. And then i checked de okay. What's the resale on this trade. My other one in it was like six hundred bucks. I'm like okay. Well that brings identify fourteen. And then i can do the apple card payment plan which only brings down to one hundred and fifty dollars a month for a year. I'm like that's an extra hour of work a month per you know for the rest of the year and then i get my shiny new ipad so i ordered it then i was happy. I was ecstatic. I'm i'm getting a new ipad and then the next morning i'm like why am i going to spend this much money on an ipad that i use about four hours a week payment regret. And here's the fun part. I cancelled it. And i got just as much joy from cancelling it as i did from buying it. So here's the trick. You are an odd man. Don't buy anything that ships immediately and you can double your pleasure by buying it and canceling it in forty eight hours so it was fantastic. I felt great. I felt great when i bought it. I'm a new ipad. That sucks a cancel. I save money. The apple store algorithm is just gonna start popping up a little window when you buy something new and say. Step away jason. You're drunk or they're to put they're going to send me a thing that it's like you know in the queue and they're just going to put it off to the side and say he'll be back tomorrow because eventually i do buy some stuff but yeah. I found this great little chrome extension. Because i was feeling nostalgic. It's called th rubber and what it does it It sadly the menu bars on modern browsers very narrow now. They're very tiny. You don't get big icons like he used to. But th- robber puts the little netscape loading icon in your bar. So when you're loading page get to see the stars fly by the end. Pets it. Because i want to try and hack it and put in the the original alpha version of netscape the throbbing the real throbbing n where the name comes from but that takes work. And i don't really have that much time in my hands. No i'm not but hey what. Are you gonna end tony from australia. Wrote in love your show. I've been listening for about two years. But this is my first time commenting and donating vaguely remember listener recently asking about problems opening old word or wordperfect files. I have a similar problem and today. I was ferreting through a box of old software cds and found a copy of windows. Xp an office ninety seven. I managed to load windows into a virtual machine. Install office problem solved. I love this. I love this. The only problem is he found cds. Who the fuck has a cd drive anymore. Nope tony from australia. Yeah i guess so i use parallels and parallels sixteen is out right now and Which is interesting. Because it's every time i used to go into parallels i'd use it like three times a year and every time i'd go in it'd be a new version two hundred sixteen now and didn't do much else but speed improvements blah upgrade among. I might as well do it now. Because i'll have to do it later. And then it'll cost me more. And now i just have a fucking subscription. I'm not just keep it up to date. I don't care But you can't follow the general rule of if i haven't needed a file for twenty years. I don't need it now. No but i use. I use windows for other things that that i need for my job protesting stuff just to see how things look on. Different windows apps for podcasts. And stuff like that so every now and again it comes in handy in. I super ding-dong mac pro. It actually runs really fast in windows so you can kind of play stream on it and play games but that's neither here nor there But the thing is it's like a lot of people would just go download version of windows. Xp from a torrent site and go from there. And i'm like okay. Well that just comes pre hacked so you can't do that but if you have parallels there is there is a one. Click install windows button and you can get a developer version to run windows ten in like five minutes which is great. But it's just a fun. It's a fun app. Collie lennox running on it too for those times when i get nostalgic and pop into it and go. Yeah this is given be ptsd. I'm outta here but it also made me think of The other app that i always have to update whenever i log in screen flow screen flow pro. It used to be called screen pro- Which is a screen capture utility for the mac. And it's also got pretty nice video editing setup in there so if you don't wanna learn premier or Final cut and you just wanna do quick videos. It comes in really handy. And i use it every week now because we post videos on youtube. And that's the program. I use to rip out the audio in the video to post up to youtube. If you've never used it and you need some screen recording software on your mac. It is hands down the best. Also i like it for just straight up video editing. It's much easier than most of the big ones. Not that many options. Which makes it fantastic and it's cheaper. It's like one hundred and fifty bucks so good stuff but speaking of videos. I found this this morning. And i wanted to get your read on this one. Does your video need a better soundtrack. Asking a idaho right one. This is a new app called dinosaur score in what they did was they trained it on a bunch of different songs and then learned how to break apart and then you can put in different points where you want the temperature change or things like that it takes it it re mixes it and gives you a royalty free version that you can then use any project so you sent you sign up you get twenty songs for free just to try it out in an after that for personal use. It's twenty bucks a month for unlimited songs. I write i download it. And i tried it this morning. Really fucking good. It's what i would call good enough. It is absolutely good enough for and yeah you know. That's fine that's fine. You're putting together a tiktok video. You want some music to go along with it. Great go ahead and use something like this. That that's great. It's this stuff is getting really really good. I'm not gonna lie. But here's the paragraph that kicked left out of this wired article. Okay i think it's incredible says professional videography. Joseph do vanni who spent months testing the software before its release. The truth is the playing field is one hundred percent been leveled. He says the kid with a cell phone is up for the same job at vogue that i am. You've spent your your life to this studying it knowing how it works and now you've gotta compete with a kid with a cellphone that basically has never studied anything well to our world. Welcome to the world. we live in. Now that's it at it's true that's it's absolutely. It is true that why spend money licensing music when you don't have to. i mean for different projects. You definitely want you know bespoke music when you can get it. But i mean even for a lot of the big name projects that i work on for podcast and they just needed like an opening theme they'll spend fifty bucks and go get it from one of the you know one of the main music sites. Look i i want to again. Say we just about this. With barry diller. A little bit earlier music is a bellwether and nobody seems to give a faulk when the musicians get screwed or the music industry grad screwed. But what you don't understand people and you need to start paying attention to is music. Goes i you follow. There will be outcry when there's ai. That puts the actors in there. Oh yeah yeah well we. We have that already. It's called deepfakes and people are fucking pissed off about it. Exactly music fuck him. Yup already places that are doing algorithm ick voices that can take over our job too so it's a whole coming down pretty soon. We're all just going to be sitting on a couch getting a uba. I eaten our soil and green down. Fuck it i'm over. It and i don't wanna work anymore. Keep you that..

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