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You need all in nineteen sixty five I will. here we go Gerrit Cole nineteen in five rubber later twenty insects so I think it'd make very close you ready for the E. R. A.'s all cold two five two related to five three wow all right innings pitched. cold two oh seven Berliner to seventeen okay. strikeouts Cole three sixteen for later two eighty eight to advantage coal. lip which three sixteen two eighty eight in favor of call while in lessening clown with zero point eight nine for cold zero point eight one for her lan a slight advantage for ET is as close as you know we may get we let a nineteen sixty nine might qua all Denny McLain split cy young what do you think they would say that how's that how about that John John Jones. both the circle right there you go I solve the problem. the two best pitchers in baseball by far incredible and look at Colin there for something you're right the problem John and I. unfortunately it doesn't work that way we thought the vote and nickel rules that they want if you don't have a tie right it would be per day it's tough to imagine but it could happen it has happened so there is precedent for it was fifty years ago all but. you write that in the fiftieth anniversary of that because it was nineteen sixty nine it would be right that you did this this would be the case all right answer to this so you're right now our goal that either first or second on every ballot so it's it's who is always going to get first to second and everybody did say that these two that's it for me. or call girl and on old thirty right now it isn't but it's got to go fifteen to fifty I thank god that it will come so it is your right. as you said once in the site young and we had that we that we keep them there and then we start from nineteen seventy no it's you know it's. since I just. did you get the call cy young I don't even vote I would just give it to him yeah you get blinded wasted time that's what they should do is a you know a lot it's so damn close no we're not even gonna have a vote we're just going to give you we're gonna make you release the call sign well when is that's what I would do I would come down you know if I was like the commissioner rob Manfred if you paid attention I would come down from high come down into the real world and I would say this is what I think we should do you know the problem is. and I'm not I don't don't don't kill the messenger given the fact is I don't the advanced stats gonna favor Gerrit Cole and he'll probably like his fifth is lower his ERA pluses lower. yeah don't forget this hero. been Sierra he's evolved no one OR one or a little bit. here is a. order something a Ford Sierra is somewhat yeah or like that. one is crazy. well in our. over the top. incredible where which is I think that's it zero one but I'm not saying I don't have that. he's. me out here we just dance and you know we had another question just as members say about guys won cy young back to back it didn't going all fame data calling all that's right for you yeah anyway I saw juggling digress here Jojen explain this to me we're going to be full service here well we have a four car seven times so young when I was not. that's ridiculous. that doesn't count I don't understand is I was looking at the famous a look at the war all families and so I'm much I can't stand it yeah we can. I can't stand wanted him let me tell you but god knows he's all for him not even close of course based on what. Ingalls family very appreciative of that. I can't stand them I have no idea how they work and I believe it or. surprised by that June is Gerrit Cole fourth in warm on pictures why is Mike minor in Lancelyn had a better year the problem war way off I think what they did was they had made an over correction for the ball park and all parties very bad for the pictures so minor and laying got a reward that was beyond and they need to correct that because it's clear that for a lender and Cole are the two best pitchers no leak there's no question about that war and you may not notice for not perfect we understand and then as I was saying a great head would star song what is it good for now it's all going to Jon Heyman now the manager the Mets next year is hope. yeah I I would say at this point I I would tend to think that they will make the change that's the first thing I don't know that for a fact nobody with the Mets has said that this point they've been in the race in call now there's talk about while they were in the right I would say the factor of. not being Brody's guide to begin with and all of the emphasis of the of the strategic shall we say controversies throughout the year I would say that we probably will get a different manager I you know I would say. manager. I think it should be somebody with experience. your. product it's overnight stay dry as other people but I think it's somebody with experience Joe Girardi Joe Girardi I mean they I don't know what your options are already died on. his name occasionally spotted a spot a come on yeah I heard that you're already knew most likely to get the cubs job so you get a. the job will be open March joked that will call waiting. the free fall as he's gone. I think he was gonna be gone anyway yeah yeah and I did try. I would put that in eighty percent chance to change manager you go. I have eight birds and manual to be hitting coach so we've got away from the analytics as you guys have this well. hi Joe I think your dad would be a easy from able to Pennsylvania I think that would make sense knowledge I've heard that Madden with the mainland. and some others I think Bob guarantee all our old coach with the Mets said the easy chair with a giant still good. to the Yankees any concern I mean what we've seen this so many times before these teams that wrap a playoff spots maybe they don't play their best baseball going to the playoffs we all forget about once the playoffs start yeah he's having in the last two days against Tampa Bay any concerns about the Yankees as we start to March towards their first round series which is now almost a lock it'll be against Minnesota. right very likely I I absolutely not I I don't think it's predictable whether it's better to neo Q. still brings into the playoffs are out to play hard to the end there's pluses and minuses to both I I do think the one intangible that favors the Yankee group that that Minnesota has a history of palm against the Yankees we're obviously it's not these players so it's not fair but it does seem like that whatever the ridge New York intimidation factor the Yankees are ballpark advantage at home even more than that so that that whatever the fact there is they in Minnesota to stop as the trouble with the Yankees but Minnesota is really good as you are I know I have and we both predicted we got a call given credit. every show well we don't do it every show. where do you go with game four we're talking about this earlier I think he it seems that we will see obviously packs into not even Severino now is moved in a start territory mingle her aunt's not around what's game for looking like John yeah that's a good question where where you haven't you don't have a good idea there well my my my thought is it's the it's the kitchen sink gamers they call it the opening Chad Greer starts. record you have a medical record with that so I wouldn't be shocked at this point you know have they get a start but a short leash maybe I don't know I think your idea is not bad but yes I think Severino taxed into now because that would be my order I don't know what their order is but those you guys that they have actors lane for tonight at home against the eagles your call is. I got to go with the Packers I I want again from last time it gets my better judgment and sales. record is remains core. did you did you lose last week that you have the Titans I lost where normally they lose that was by twenty points or something and terrible okay yeah I'm really bad I I easily understood what's in them cornered means you when you get what you really you pick it up. I'm starting a little bit more but you know I mean if the NFL scouts couldn't figure out this guy was better than what he would be picked in the fifth round or something I guess I can't blame myself too much all right now now I got one more for you the Wisconsin Badgers weighing twenty four and a half against your northwestern Wildcats your pick is what are you tell how may I ask but not gonna go with the Wildcats format here known by its Dick okay gotta go with them you know Wisconsin be Michigan thirty five fourteen it was up thirty five highlights all that you know they were still inside nothing yes one point yeah the northwestern did not look good this week they did not either. well I'm looking for a turnaround. thank you for giving me two chances this week that means I I see you going Packers you gonna do you gonna what do you call a Packers and northwest. yes my football picks are terrible I did without my baseball fix with it being your they weren't bad thanks to Minnesota right on the walk in St Louis right this is not. I had the Yankees are while court so I'm gonna be there since two seven teams that were in three or four of the division said I had to go wrong and lander at such a young. I don't want to share this moment. welcome to. it's not even close hi mom in for pregnant by the was gonna say you now I've got you know I I lost my total trade. I blame you John it's possible I think the algebra threw me off with summer school for algebra I added as he. one thing you could store no there's nobody cares but my friend to me and I school I had this this this feature okay Matt by the way my factory in high school and my algebra class I was the only guy it was me like thirty girls so I was already behind the eight ball right away the but the teacher failed me in algebra by one point because she said I know you could do better and she forced me to go to summer school so I'll never forget that I am still bitter fifty years I don't blame you I'm still bitter about fifteen years later morning at more than fifty two is whatever it is yeah our boys are still bitter about the zero down the spelling test then great because I was absent for the test and then you have to come in early seeing school then the next day to retake the test and I showed up and then the teacher was absent he gave me zero. your this is when I'm in the known. you want to see who's you right yeah yeah the same. and yeah. years old at the time so I don't think you John he's still got into northwestern I mean come on even when you know you're always zero still with. spelling and mostly made up somewhere else like you know I'm sure you did. we'll use it in the same Prometric there right. what was your world. we were we we were not in the Hollywood crowd or where. right. what was the beginning of the year my world city with Dodgers over Astros. some genius correct but a wager that I'm looking at what I wrote down for my predictions I did pick a longer when Ricky the I'm to get that right shares are for the signing a lose our not a one BPM alluded you take a lot over Katie I did yeah wow yeah I don't know well there are yeah and I wanted a favorite son that he you know. cy young though I could win Gerrit Cole. I'm Tony should be taught yeah and my World Series I have a shop but it's not gonna happen the nationals against the Astros I don't think the national memories Alaskan was you know I don't want to be right about that arrest me now trust I will get to make and then we're going to go on but I don't know it's going to be a license with. welcome all right Lucy like the wildcard team like that actually when while call game Washington fair point Intel beat a first ever was done they wanna anything in a playoff man I yeah..

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