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Just north of the border cross over the peace arch crossing and you're in town numerous options from seatac on horizon Air Canada Delta among others there's Amtrak cascades can more air with their new service from lake union to call harbor which takes you downtown Seattle to downtown Vancouver during the week it's a Monday through Friday service and it's pretty stellar in our that's all it takes which is pretty awesome all right so let's talk about your favorite neighborhoods right now so she so what would you say is a must is a must see neighborhood I know you a lot and it's hard to probably just pick one but just so you had a long weekend and you you shop on one day and you got to check out another I would say that Gastown it's nice not to miss neighborhood in Vancouver it has that old that Old World charm with the cobblestone streets in the old style lamp posts but you also have a really nice mix at amazing dining and there's a ton of great restaurants in that neighborhood we also have all of the teeth that I mentioned earlier to lots of shopping lots of great independent shops cute little things like pero card readers but in a really modern way I'm great home where stores are amazing coffee shops if you're an Instagram addict or anything like that you could just hop your way through this neighborhood just going from **** photogenic coffee shop to another and then there is that there's a pasta keep you busy there and if you want a little bit of and then keep right next right next to that Catherine neighborhood is trying to town and there is one of my favorite urban escapes the to the doctor yep send possible Chinese gardens and it's such a beautiful piece of email just an amazing little wait wait it get away from the chaos of the city by keeping track carton nice some of the other ones that are kind of the outlying ones say along the north Vancouver waterfront let's talk about those because you're kind of like going across the bridge in kind of getting really out of town right yeah north Vancouver is a really popular place to check out right now and the shipyards district is an awesome area that you could do easily from downtown Vancouver because we have the sea bass which goes right from downtown waterfront station in Vancouver right over to lower Lonsdale and that feedback is I think two seventy five or so for per person to get on it about fifteen minutes to cross and in the lower Lawndale area there's a farmers market especially on Friday night they have and in evening market during the summer and there's lots of cool little two shops and boutiques in that area to check out as well so you also got an amazing view of the downtown Vancouver area from outside so definitely worth popping over if you have an extra afternoon and of course Granville island I mean no yeah that is that is a must I mean it's our pike place times ten not to say anything's wrong with our pike place because I love pike place market but Granville island is just incredible it's home to so many artists and a lot of great little shops there as well quirky things like in a print shop or a broom shop and often distillery called liberty distilleries which have really find pink Jan if you're into that but also I love the market office he mentioned because there's an amazing cheese makers and sausage makers and all the fun kind of element for great picnics he could definitely wander around there and there's a new restaurant on gravel island as well it's actually in a converted shipping container and it's the brain child of four high profile thank you for shops who started the casual either it's just walk up take on counter service and called subpoena canteen the really cool new spot on gravel islands at night and so forth definitely worth checking out again awesome perfect a couple of other secret to Granville island plus more on the Vancouver neighbourhoods just in our backyard coming up as adventure await continues como news one thousand an FM ninety seven seven right now sprint has a great deal double the fun least the latest I phone.

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