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National trial with a series at diego san just underway as the nats have a ones that lead at the potteries in the uh... bottom of the burst for the second straight game jamar candelario launches a home run in the first inning as in ads with the ones that lead at san diego mackenzie gore pitching for d c that's one last night to zip so this is the yes rubber of match the series oriel's winners again beating seattle three to two that judge just went final from camden yards london series overseas carnals beat the cubby seven five w n b a tough afternoon mystics for the were a big let uh... the liberty come back and new york knocks off d c in overtime eighty nine eighty eight ariel atkins at twenty four points in the loss for d c the touch of cloud chipping in twenty with three for washington carlos alcaraz winning the queen's club championship final for his first a t p title on grass and reclaim the top ranking in men's tennis ensuring he will enter will do next month as the number one seed got some college baseball it is the uh... world series with uh... lsu and florida going at it and right now florida up seven to three ready in the bottom of the third lsu with the wind would be national champs get just in a way that's the with ones that lead at san diego in the first frank and random utl p sports frank coming up after and traffic whether the impact of the short -lived rebellion by a putin ally it's four twenty six w t o p and silver diner now bring you free lunch friday to thank you for listening to w utl p whether you're at home at work or on the go three winners every friday enter win to free win lunch courtesy of silver diner and plan your next lunch in with up to five additional guests there's for something everyone at silver diner with over a hundred menu items including vegan and gluten free options and your diner favorites so don't miss out enter to win today at w t o p dot com search free lunch i'm bob or founder and chairman of burke america parts group a family of brands that includes repairclinic .com an appliance in hvac part solution company that's grown into an international brand before american eagle dot com we partially launched a new technology platform developed by another firm american eagle technology helped take to our a whole new level with digital marketing software development and business insights into our key markets appliances hvac and outdoor power equipment and did so both on time and on budget american eagle dot com has the resources experience and talent needed to produce solutions our new technology platform developed by american eagle dot com has produced tremendous results with higher traffic conversion engagement in online revenue if you have any home repairs you need to take care of check us out at repairclinic com if you need a world -class website or technology project that i would highly recommend american eagle dot com call american eagle dot com at seven seven three network that's american eagle dot com seven seven three network when i deployed i didn't realize that even the air i was breathing was dangerous since coming home home i've watched friends get sick and struggle to get the support they deserve but now that's finally changing we're

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