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Hi my name is danielle middle. Often i'm ciccio. At bay to german voice agency and co-founder at liberal and edtech startup working on revolutionary new ways for kids to educate and learn by using voice technology. I have three boys experiences. That i would like more people to use and discover i this art museum by john. Katie they also win out with alexa relations. Challenge to be honest. It's just an awesome use case for boys. Technology was a great concept and Fantastic experience second this voice in education podcast by judy. Dench davis i recommend everybody to listen to it and check it out and thought are very only bouba scare which we opened up just this december for public use so kids can learn together for skewered during these challenging times so why start to our everyday life. Even more voice will become an even bigger part when we tried to stay healthy and keep the distance as the snow touch require. So i think that worsted -nology will get even bigger and outdoor environments public and private areas like shopping via voice. This will be merging new way to use voice in all of the public areas. And also i think that voice in education at tech. Laura's will be big big part in the two thousand twenty one. Hello my name. Is daniel davis and i am adjunct faculty at the university of tennessee at nagoya. Where i teach ed tech courses to graduate level students. I also an educational consultant and i host the podcast voice..

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