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Is it true? Is it true story? S O. E think it's based on real experiences. MLK FBI Timely having been released, uh, within a day or two of Martin Luther King's birthday. Um, it isn't a movie biography about the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. The Nobel Prize winner, Peace Prize winner, the leader of the civil rights movement in the fifties and sixties. It's a documentary about how J. Edgar Hoover's Federal Bureau of Investigation Tried to bring down this man who they perceived as a threat to the white hierarchy. They tapped his phone. They recorded his extramarital trist. They try the smear him and his advisers whether they were black or white as communists and so forth. So thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, Much of what the FBI tried to do to MLK is now public. The plan. It's political underpinnings. All that's laid out here and clear coach in fashion with news, real footage, archival clips, expert interviews and cultural card. Texas, directed by Sam Pollard, who did eyes on the prize. MLK FBI tells a compelling and shameful tale of our government's attempt to smear a charismatic clergyman who crusaded against bigotry and dedicated his life inspiring peaceful protest. In order to achieve racial equality in the U. S. You could watch it on Amazon Prime Apple TV and who do and quickly I just want to wrap up with a movie that's not Why didn't that kind of realm? Let's put it this way. We're back to B movie land in a big big way on the movie is called the tall, You know, like fatal only with the meat. It's a thriller about a hot shot L, a sports agent named Derek played by Michael Ealy as a sort of low rent Steph Curry type went repping athletes after his career fizzled. And the trouble he gets into when he cheats on his increasingly distant wife during a trip to Vegas with his friends. Little does Derek realize that the wanton woman he beds away from home is in L, a police detective. And since she's played by Hilary Swank, you know she's a butt kicker and has issues so fertile has its moments. Are you kidding of which seem cribbed from better movies, But it isn't so much awful as it's kind of tepid with confusing motivations and plot glitch. Oh, that's too bad. I love the elements. There is tepid off. No, no, no, no, no. I disagree with you, Michael. Oh Fatale market suffers from Brett. It suffers from familiarity, fatigue. Look, you know what? I I was somewhat entertained. It's well edited this far is that stuff goes and you do get bad ass swank. And increasingly freaked out. Ely and the usual solid work from muscle Man might culture of marbles, Luke Cage and the network Paranormal Show evil as derricks partner and the agency. You know, I Some people are gonna like it more than I did. I guess they call that fatal because the tall attraction was a little too close to home. Well, the tall is not a bad title. You really liked it, though. I have this funny because I like movies with that twists, and this one has a number of twists. Yeah, twists and rolling eyes await. Those were mine. Well, you know, that's just like your opinion, man. It's available on Fandango. You said Yeah. And voodoo and Amazon Prime, you know, so there you have some stuff, everybody. Yeah. It's a lie Nice nice of dump there with a lot of you know, it's immediate dump. Here it is again. Lupin is the syriza on Netflix. Lot of capers and really good stuff. Disenchantment is the one that you recommend. You recommend Syriza's three of levels right? You haven't it is. Let's be honest, Serious. Three just dropped, but you need to probably start at the beginning. It's serialized. I think, even though each episode's stand alone caper caper of its own and like kind of craziness, it does have overarching plot. And you like again. Two of the small acts Film Serious, which is on Amazon. It's from Steve McQueen Lovers rock And red, white and blue. And you like the MLK FBI documentary. And Where is that again? That's Amazon Prime You can see that also on Amazon Prime, among other places, Yes, indeed. And fatal is the one that Michael kind of did. The IRA Lon didn't think it's bad, but just didn't think it was over the moon. But Brett very, very excited about it. So he liked it says there's some twist so Our first moment of divergence between Michael Snyder and on Brendan. Hey, and I wasn't present when you reviewed news of the world with Tom Hanks. Did you like it or not? I did. I thought it was really so. Mm hmm. Okay, They're one and we're wrapping up. We'll know. Hey, bread. I'm sorry, guys. You can hear my review via cage at all Their posture radio dot com and on the podcast. That's actually right. Divergence. I will reluctantly do it and give it a day. All right, I am. I love talking to Michael Schneider. Thank you. And until next week, we we wish you well, he.

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