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Hike ed la paix k y k d u l l h he had granted moons to his body preliminary investigation at the scene indicates this mail was wearing an improvised motech explosive device attached to his body intentionally detonated that device looks like they're a free other people in the immediate area also sustained minor injuries but cutanddry is going to talk about that the subject was placed in custody and transported to bellevue hospital remediate police response to the scene included members of the transit bureau the murchison service division bomb squad counterterrorism nca police see troopers at the eyes joint terrorist task force in addition nypd strategic response group kobe's god's command sites other key transportation hubs and other locations throughout the city as precautionary measury iiis this incident was captured on transit system created a further review in its annual witnesses is on the way at laura background investigation into i k ed la being conducted by the try terrorist task force we're asking anyone who may have any information about this individual for incident tara hotline nats payday and why scene say let's be clear as new yorkers are lives revolve around the subways when we here of an attack in the subways incredibly unsettling and let's be also clear this was an attempted terrorist attack i those are the sounds from yesterday and the latest terror attack here you have had no new york city and this guy's trapping a bomb on him this could have been far worse storing morning chaotic traffic in new york in a subway station now by time swear and you know no more perfect time.

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