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Analysts appears to be kneedeep according to fierce wireless fries and management called out wearables like the apple watch specifically during the carrier's reason earnings call with analysts cfo matt ellis said that the operator added five hundred fifty thousand connected devices in its postpaid figures which he said were predominantly wearables remember when gene munster resigned as an apple analyst hari yes shearer it was a little over a year ago that he left piper jaffrey to start loop ventures that's a venture capital firm specializing in augmented reality and virtual reality solutions artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies that seriously you do something for years and years and how he's he's had to walk away apple insider has mr munster's firm offering new numbers not on a are not on v r or a ai and just for good measure e i e i o his latest notice on apple pay according to the lingering uncle apple pay his currently used by roughly one hundred twenty seven million users globally and yet only sixteen percent of iphones out there or used for payments quoting the peace the yearoveryear growth of apple bay as impressive rights loop ventures analyst gene munster noting apple's own claims of active user numbers more than doubling and with transactions more than tripling over the same period the report notes that this growth is taking place despite the firm's own estimate that only sixteen percent of global iphone users have turned on apple pay on their mobile devices.

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