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A moment. Jack Peterson. With a line drive to right field. Brandon allow playing in the shift out in right field, lunging diving to his right, gave it all he had and the ball just ticking off his glove into right field for a two run single. Jack Peterson to give the Dodgers of 6 to 5 lead to go into the bottom of the seventh. Peterson stays in the game at left field. Taylor moves from left to center. And allow with his head buried in his hands in the dugout at his inability to catch the ball, But he gave that a 10 out of 10 effort. It's just the ball was hit about an inch or two too high for him to get his love on which I mean he dove as far as he could, but it was above him. And what a play. So we go bottom seven. Pedro Baez back on the mound for the Dodgers. Mike Zunino leads it off for the Rays swinging this ball down and in its own one Zunino here, Meyer Dia's 89 and one In the Rays lineup. Coming up here in the bottom of the seventh Heaven. Cash still has at least one more card to play off the bench at some point, and that's Joey Wendell. Janina will walk in to strike out tonight as he takes a fastball up it in. Check the swing on it's a ball in a strike six runs. 11 hits, no errors for the Dodgers. They left. 75 runs six hits, no heirs for the Rays. They have left to bias gave up a homer to give up the lead. The Dodgers just got it back for him is 11 is swung on and foul to back out of play one too. Victor.

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