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The answer that question were joined live on the kcbs ring central news line by dr scott condie director of the national center for weight and wellness in washington dc dr kahan thanks for joining us this morning in this is a complex problem but one of the issues surrounding this that we've heard about in recent years are food deserts the fact that poor people cannot get access to healthy food have we seen any improvement in that area not huge uh nazi changes at all it's still remains uh a big issue uh and as you come najan it's not a simple issue uh it it it's structure all uh it it's a costly issued a change to uh you know build supermarkets and inner city areas uh in such an so while while we're seeing a little bit around the edges really nothing to write home without unfortunately this problem those seen sokota grown slowly definitely has dimensions around culture around race around poverty across all lines we have an awful lot of obese schism we've been talking about this for years so our country we stuck on that a little bit yeah we've been talking about it for years but years is in a very long time uh it it's really in the last decade that obesity has risen choose the national consciousness uh in political circles in public health circles and in general lay circles uh but a decade isn't very long at all um it by a now a g um we knew that cigarette smoking was terribly dangerous to our health uh in the early part of the 20th century uh there was uh surgeon general warnings uh early uh in the second half of the 20th century there was no doctors telling patients and uh parents telling kids in school chancers telling students not to smoke and yet rates of cigarette smoking pick growing up in an up in off in off until the 1970s nineteen 80s uh when it when it started turning around uh we're in the equivalent right now in terms of obesity and childhood obesity of where we were perhaps in the late 1950s early 1960s with respect to tobacco smoking which is.

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