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And it's your job to prove seek and find all the hidden pictures and time place spot the difference and compete with friends to see who has the keenest observation. There's something for every amateur detective. Each scene is beautiful colorful and carefully crafted to make you feel like you're literally stepping back in time if you love the glamour of the nineteen twenties love solving mysteries and love climbing the leaderboard with new friends. Then download june's journey today. It's the most fun you'll have on your phone available for free on your favorite app store and on desktop through amazon and facebook So before the break we heard the name barbecue a lot. It sounds like a lot of people are blaming him for a lot of the violence in paul pints. Yes we kept hearing his name so we decided we needed to try and meet with him to try and untangle who he actually is what he's doing. Is this a former cop exploiting a bad situation to control. Certain neighbors import prints or is he being directed by the moi's government to attack the opposition. So how do you access a guy like that. Well this is a guy who was worn out for his arrest and a lot of people we spoke with. They're saying he's a murderer but it feels really comfortable in port-au-prince and it wasn't actually that hard to get him to sit down with us kindergarten. I met jimmy chamisa also known as barbecue in mar cease a working class neighborhood named after the street. It's on dumber promos area. Jimmy moved to the neighborhood when he was just a boy so he has deep roots here. So why do they call you. Barbecue shun maggi. Mudgee could prove on. He says his mother was a popular cook. Who are money selling barbecue. Jimmy gave jimmy. Get jimmy cock-up we're following them waleed jimmy and because they're already so many other. Jimmy's in the neighborhood. Jimmy the soccer player chicken shit. Jimmy jimmy philosophy to differentiate. The kids in the neighborhood named jimmy barbecue pork said now. My jimmy says that as a child it was in his nature to care for and protect the week. Jimmy became a cop in two thousand five. He spent fourteen years as a police officer until he was fired three years ago even as a police badge tattooed on his wrist said the rumors of his involvement in the mass killings are part of a plot against him say mushy nostril bookie by what a vocational. Gp's but people want to destroy him because he's fighting to change this country he says group are not criminals like everyone says jennifer elliott whom it stability who middle who was in lupita southie boys only core professional loboda. He says he brought different. Gang factions together to force for good to maintain peace and fight for better hospitals and schools and access to water. So this is a pretty different story than the one you heard from other people you interview. I wanted to push back so asked about selene neighborhood. Where jimmy and his gang allegedly killed seventy one. People asked me feels comfortable walking the streets to feel welcome in los elian. What was for them. He says that he's never felt uncomfortable. Less lean. I is dubbed this. Destroy these women on the street selling zone mother who also sold food then. He suggests something. i'm not expecting. It would follow up with iraq with maybe some melissa. She wants to prove how comfortable he is. Unless selena Villa probably come. We're going to be okay. So he invites me and my crew to accompany. If we're doubling up. Is it better. If i'm on the very back. probably right. We hire some motive taxes bicker way over to the place where jimmy allegedly health plan between eighteen exact to see what jimmy brings me to the exact location. Where the massacre took place where he's been accused of killing people. We're near a market. Where vendors are hawking fruit and cold drinks. It's the middle of the day. Dozens of people are milling around. Like mimicry sociale jimmy. Walks around greeting people. Looks comfortable and like a pied piper. Trailed by small children. Do you think people here. You get bem mindell. Com deo comando sylvan. Jimmy dykes question to the crowd of people who've gathered around us you're on a pile of trash and shouts the question out to them. Are you afraid of me. He tells me to ask the myself. Some of the people who gathered around shot back. Someone says no someone else says we could never be afraid of you. Someone even shouts you like a father to us what you saw him top him. See so jason that story's pretty wild to me. Let's seems super performance. Like this is a show that he is putting on for you and the international media right like he is trying to prove to you that he can't be the person behind all of this violence in this neighborhood because look the people here the they love me. What was going on in your head in that moment when you were there in that crowd. Were the people there did. They actually seem supportive of him. Yeah jimmy's one of those guys that if you're from his neighborhood and you're on his team like things could be pretty good for you. You might feel safe You know they might be looked out for and you know he's got your back but if you're on the other side look.

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