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More inches of snow in less than that, rain and freezing rain more on your weather, plus sports and traffic our next WTMJ news time, seven oh two. When the weather is dreary continues for your commute to work. Heavy loss helps you navigate the on the bridges and overpasses are pretty slick this morning's radio WTMJ. Hi, this is Wayne larvae. Pella windows and doors of Wisconsin, replaced, my windows and patio door would that perfectly beautiful view. I've always wanted euro interest. No money down no payments until June of twenty twenty. Visit Pella W I dot com today. Heiser end of your savings is going on at Toyota Samantha's here to explain I love being here to talk about our promotions. This is the best time to buy a vehicle all of our remaining inventory Moscow. Which means you get the best price on that. You've been dreaming of like our two thousand eighteen Raffour alley for just two six nine a month released. It's a fun sport vehicle. You can use all year, and it's a great option to get you safely through winter. Oh, and don't worry. We have great purchase and options to we will show, you everything you need to know. So you'll be confident you made the best choice. Thanks Samantha take advantage of those savings while you still can everyone only at Heiser Toyota. Visit them at Heiser Toyota dot com. Adviser. Today's your day seven hundred thirty six hundred six thousand miles five four hundred seventy six fifty five seventy three thousand four hundred financial services, really, I security deposit position. Title license extra. Folks. This is Hake. Albert owner of the lady when you visit my store you'll see all the finest. Grams of lighting and ceiling fans, this hundreds of the latest styles of chandeliers, crystal lights.

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