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Over a one he's talking like you know onto the next game no celebration from him we didn't get this garbage that like we heard from chris holtman of ohio state like nobody was picking us i'll be honest with you i loved college basketball and as a kid loved it grew up in new york in the eighties late seventies and eighties big saint john's fan chris mullin mark jackson bill wennington walter berry on and on and on love college basketball was locked into the nc double a tournament every year and as i've gotten older and you have a family and you you get into other sports when i was a kid i i really only like three sports i liked a love baseball the nfl and college hoops those the only three sports i cared about as a kid i had passing interest in hockey i had no interest in college football i had passing interest in the nba as i've gotten older the landscape changes whatever i've gotten more into college football little bit the love it like james james big college football fan but i i've gotten more into it over the years and i've gotten more into the nba over the years so something had you've got a couple of sports coming up a couple of gotta go down and that's what happened for me i lost my interest in college basketball you know watched casually but wasn't as locked in because frankly on sports talk radio especially in cleveland where are where i work regularly we don't talk a ton of college basketball because really it's outside of the tournament college basketball doesn't have a lot of traction you know because because of.

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