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Want you to go to the next level as opposed to just throw you. Now I'M NOT GONNA lie. There have been times where I've woken up in the morning, and I'm just like what did I end up last night? Let me check what number okay I'm here. Goes in two minutes. I could get an a little bit in here early morning, but I have avoided doing that so far now. How did you get into horse-betting specifically growing up on Long Island, it's it's a natural deal like my Dad's godfather actually used to write for. The daily one of the daily Racing Form Publications, so made by dad was into it. We had a quarter quarterhorse track out in Suffolk County Meadows. That was very very close to where where I grew up. My aunt and uncle lived literally ten minutes from Don Park. So is a situation where we'RE GOING TO VISIT A. Enjoys Knuckle Bob Maybe, we met my dad and I. would mom off and Macabre. Come on data? We'd go to Belmont Iraq for a for a couple of races, but It's always been a part of my livelihood, and then obviously going down to Miami I mean we were in the heyday of when we had highly a- Gulfstream and call her something highly You take the. Metro rail to the trial. You pick the trial rail. That's a highly back in the day, but it's always been something. I've loved doing and It's funny because I. Do a regular spot with Alexander on visa and he. He's asked me from time-to-time to you can only bet on one sport. The rest of your life. on and everybody automatically assumes it's going to be called football by its horse racing. Horse Racing Worlds College football, and so it's been a fun just. To have a bunch of people like you, it others like reach out on twitter looking for racing advice. How do I bet this race? Who Do you like today? And, maybe there will be a little bit of a bump of. Some new fans biggest people have the opportunity to to watch way opponents during the stop. I will give you this as someone who's new to the horse betting. There is no better feeling than the horse. You need coming around that turn on the final stretch. When you see your horse like pulling up and you're like Oh my God. We're gaining. Let's go come on open them up. Open them up. And then he actually does what you say, and he's been I can't think of another another sport that gives you that feeling like obviously hitting bets is fun and other sports. Sports, but the feeling of your horse coming on just when you need him to. At the end of the race I have not felt that type of enjoyment in other sports betting. I think at least the way either the handicapped the racism in my reaction to that my emotional attachment. It's almost like a you're happy you won your bet would be. I'm happy because I saw the puzzle I like the daily racing form with all of the information the entry season. It is like trying to solve a puzzle. What's the flow of the race? Who's going to be the? Favourite that you WANNA beat. WHO'S THE PRICE HORSE? You WanNa be on the price worse, the trendy or that you want to avoid, and it's just a feeling of accomplishment a one. Your bet be figured it out and see you wind up getting the better the public as well so. You're right and on the flip side. There are those times where authorities they'll see. Oh, you'll see yours in and you think you got it like I did yesterday in the the turf for the big that Senate Anita whereby by Horace Basically didn't get to the whole in time at a pull up, and then was probably the best for, but had itself third, but that probably happens a lot more than the other instance where you wind up winning, but it still you get to be frustrated. You get to get to some four letter words and. Angry, you know what you like. Fifteen minutes ago. Let's go to the next race and move on the. Race's always. Quick side note and you just made me think of this yesterday. I was watching. Gulfstream and it was just the most torrential downpour. Like why are we running in this like I? Get it. They're trying to avoid lighting. You couldn't even see the screen on TV, Gee. I saw the screen and I. Am not even going to bother handicapping in this car today and then. Go just kind of going through the car like wonder and I see their. Couple thirty. Dollar worse than that newest. Real price horses yesterday so out. That's what I kick myself and I'm like maybe I should look. At Gulfstream today. Maybe there were just people that handicapped off the morning line that can racist might have been still on the Turkey. You need to remember right now. Because nobody's there and you're getting so many people betting on this for the first time. They don't necessarily know what a what a main track only orces war navy, that, of course it might have been entered for the turps still hasn't dirt. Breeding could handle the all tracks. All because it. Even myself attacks, I make mistakes. Don't kind of follow through the process and go through with it, and maybe off money yesterday, but I do that now. I WanNa talk just general strategy here and I want to kind of aim towards the casual better, because not everybody is going to be doing a deep dive, and if you're talking to someone who's Kinda of like me, just wants to get into wants to have fun with wants to win a little bit of money. If they can't now. What's like the one or two things? You would say are the most important in terms of prepping for a race for the casual sports better. What would you say are some good things strategize with? Big Believer in recent form to..

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