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It's so it is so bad that even even the even the Stephen, the extras is moving a band. They got the scene where these these guys bringing flowers, and you could tell the director just yet. He doesn't know how to tell people that naturally the directly, these guys bringing flowers, and they all look like, robots come in. Yeah, you know, this is like none of this is nothing feels natural movie because people are trying too hard. You know, in everything in his movie is lit flat, like an instructional video. Are some cases like you better make you YouTube videos. This is. Wash this, you can tell that what what? What ever they whatever they had in the movie, they had limited resources and I'll give them credit, you know, they, they've tried to work with what they had, but in the movie, all you could tell what they had. They had this house. I'm sure they filmed in multiple places in that they had a restaurant. They filled multiple places in net. They had a an office a hospital, no, oh hospital. He has a hospital in a conference room and you can sometimes when people work well around these things, you could tell that they in different places you can tell. This is all they had this movie and speaking of the filmmaking. He don't even know how to transition like everything in the movie like every almost five, ten minutes. Everything is a fade out fade in. He doesn't know how to create not. And if you don't know, I'm talking about is almost like, wow, I wonder what Martin is doing now. Martin thomas. Well, I wonder what core is doing. Oh, well, I'll guess I'll give them a call later. They watched the movie that happens every ten minutes in the film. This is this is about as amateur filmmaking as you can get for something that has a big released like this with some stars and they had these pants shots that go on with, they're trying to pan. Oh, look at these yachts that we got okay data yet. But they pant across these yachts and I don't know if it's a stylistic thing. But if it is it looks shitty because it's very choppy like it looks like it's Strobe in at the camera set on the wrong setting when they would like doing his pants shot and and they just left it and they just left it there. And even if that's a stylistic choice, somebody had to know that this does not look good. This. Because there's software that that'll stabilize that. Right. Well, they couldn't afford it. They didn't have it. They didn't download that plug in because that's. Shop is like going to cross there in like it was dropping frames. Wow. Yeah, man, it's it is. It is really one of the. One of the most fascinating spectacles of filmmaking Bevis seen on the big screen. It does not belong there something on this amateur level, and that's before we actually get to that. We're talking about the movie before we even get to the movie. The script was already horrible because for movie that's supposed to be a Roddick..

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