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Is very difficult to manage with millions of is on you and so i salute cardi b and the way she talks about her body that we should talk about sex and when i hear her tunes i'm like i need some of that i feel like it's a magical infusion of some of that confidence it's just like grafted onto me i hear her talk in a rap and i hear these songs and i'm like yo she was made for craigslist this is a woman in craigslist personals every day at relied on the record is basically subject on craig's list it just is anyway big heads love it i wanted to also read again from the same book shutout timra you're saving my life with this anthology this week pat khalifa who is a trans six radical queer elder leather dyke daddy he's submits an essay for this in thala g about sexiness and which he talks about he's has a disabled body and so he talks about sort of the things that make him feel erotic and aroused i don't know if cardi and pack leaf i've ever met but what he says here is directly to the belka leases which is her birth name's playbook and i just want to read it because this is exactly what this album is for me pat writes i'm affected like everyone else by the vision of youth and wealth that floods the information stream but i've met too many people embodies archetypes only to discover they are still insecure and full of envy for attributes they do not possess you can never be pretty thin or rich enough i feel sexy when i feel strong that strength is no simple matter of physical stamina or power it is about being on my own side and not being fooled by the haters that strength also comes from being on the side of other minorities i sent up for women people of color the disabled anybody who is getting scammed or after by a system that was set up to funnel ever more profit into the hands of people who already have way too much money it that is not the cardi b story i don't know what is.

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