FBI, Assault, Senator Schumer discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


We're gonna see the same information we have. We'll have to very compelling stories. We'll have no actual contemporaneous corroboration of them. I think we're seeing some Democrats already kind of preparing the ground for saying after saying for two weeks, the FBI is the gold standard. You know, you have Senator Schumer saying the FBI isn't bias. It's professional. He can do the soberly effectively indiscreetly to recruit saying four days delay should be enough now already starting to say, wait a minute. Actually, we think that they're not going to be doing this completely. Let's let's not buy into the FBI is only for delay here. I think it'll be good to have everyone. There were a lot of senators who said, we're still not quite settled until we hear the from it. I think we're gonna hear the lot of these witnesses and they're already starting to come out with repeating the testimony. Lynn Kaiser, Dr Ford's, longtime friend who says I still support, but I also still don't remember the events that she described. So again, we're gonna see this same. The same kind of the result here at the end of the day, people will be maybe have more confidence because they the involved and then we'll move forward to a vote. So moving forward to a vote. Millions of Americans, tens of millions of Americans are going to look at this process, and I have to wonder what she Justice. John Roberts thinks about this process also is somebody who cares deeply about the integrity of the court and not wanting it to be political. Tens of millions of Americans are gonna look at Justice cavenaugh as somebody who got away with it as they did Clarence Thomas. This is a rohrschack test. And I mean, this process was so badly bungled by both sides in the minute. These allegations came out, I said, get the f. b. i. out again and do an investigation that should have been done actually before the hearing. I think it's unfortunate that it happened here. That is what's normally done. I went through not at kids ations of sexual assault, hobbies that I went through active stations against me when I was up for secretary of labor. And by the time I got off the telephone and drove home, the FBI was practically on my doorstep, waiting to reenter view me at Rian. If you other people had this process taken the right form. It had not been politic. Sized. I think we would have a lot more confident and I, it isn't just not coming up with corroborating evidence. I want questions act of Dr. Ford is. Well, we can't live in a society in which accusations of this kind of activity are enough. One question you wanna ask her. I want to know she has a very clear recollection of going down the stairs in going outside. This was a woman who didn't drive somebody drove her home. We didn't have cell phones. We didn't have Ubers. There are other people who need to be questioned, and I can remember as a fifteen year old who used to drive me not to every single event, but there were just, you know, handful of people who drove when I went to parties and my father. And so I mean, I do think more questions, this idea that we have to believe Dr for just because she testified about what happened in that room. Obviously, one of these people's does have one of these people does have a faulting and Senator Turner. Let me ask you because this is. Is it's, it has in many ways on one level, it's about Cavanaugh and professor Ford. On another level. I went to a party last night and heard women telling me stories about their experience, and we heard Killian Conway this morning just a couple of days ago and you did it as well if you days ago on my show, and, but let's run a little bit of from Kellyanne Conway, we can't, because that was a remarkable moment. I was not expecting just minutes ago. I feel very empathetic, frankly, for victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape that. I'm a victim of sexual assault. I don't expect judge Cavagnaud or Jake tapper or Jeff flake or anybody to be held responsible for that..

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