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She was just first time. I experienced it when babies born. It's thick that's where they're just like keep vomiting and fluid sh- then she was going palpable and literally running out of the room. But i really couldn't move what i'm gonna do. Really down the corridor show. She's got poppel like it really scared me really scared me and came literally popped over. How the sitcom. I mean to jump out of bed literally not long after having a c. section. Like the same day to do that and that was really really hard. Yeah house after every woman had a baby anyway at the c. section. It's funny i was talking about earlier. How you know when it comes to see sections. They're not get enough credit for what they are kind of targeted as an easy is. Yeah and it's not a major surgery that someone's going through and and you say many layers there have been open stitch back together is difficult like really really hard and then you know having you. That helping house was a lesson. What was it like when they're funny. Time two hundred wanting of australians. Everyone really say you're like it all through you'd awful changing a big difference and what kind of bugs me bodies won't connoisseurs is if it's a negative or looks at us if you don't want to do or it's going to be difficult at find one poverty difficult because doing something for the doing something that you love or doing something for the person that you love comes easy because natural because not about about them so all just absolutely love their. I mean for me. Like stay occupied stay died all i literally looked there. In autumn on getting annoying. I don't mind doing nappies. i'll just love being around my baby and i loved walk. My baby brought to our laws and you know. Not when toyed stewing meaningless store for doing tron palmer now had a little baby girl who took time took all my attention not couldn't afford anything by it would just perfect having him back. Who's unbelievable for me and for the short period tolman had to do most of this still. Because you couldn't move. That was fun as well. But it's also really good that she gonna feet really quick wasn't encouraging so what were the first few weeks like home then as a family unit loads of visitors where they're more did like more dancing in the lounge visitors but that point as well again still see see what will allow you forget and and what we ought to dismiss on a on a yeah. Pregnancy covered childbirth. It first Cova or not. The news hospil covet. There wasn't a stage out so with all the family that did want around and did want to hold his eighty and did wanna be a win. Visits or not someone's door in like it did get lower act interval where of did get lowered..

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