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This guy ever GonNa shut up. WE'RE GONNA head to lable and check in with gene gene. Welcome to the show the morning man. Thanks for calling all your show thank you. I'd like a comment on a couple of things and one of them is classic. I mean I think it's a no brainer. Mackenzie will win that hands down. I just don't see any handicap or that are in his class. What about the distance? I think you'll get the distance your struggle. I don't I wouldn't say struggle but I think with what he's going to compete against. You'll get the distance you know last year. He evidently Bob was way off track with him because he ran so bad. It was hard to believe that the horse didn't perform any better in the classic but yeah I think he's really set and keying on this classic and I just believe he's he's a win. There are a lot of people gene that are in that Mackenzie camp is a matter of fact the Breeders Cup has launched a Breeder's Cup classic poll where they have media members vote vote on which horse they feel is most likely to win the Breeders Cup classic each week and Mackenzie is the top horse. He has been the top horse for several weeks. Now people thinking he's the horse beat just like you for the classic but I I don't know I can't warm up. I can't get on that Mackenzie Bandwagon. You look resume here. Yeah he's been there he's been consistent but he's only won one race here in two thousand nineteen and that was the Alysheba the grey to at Churchill other than that he's been runner up in all three starts here in two thousand nineteen I I just have a hard time buying into Mackenzie with only one win this year but in the met mile each and every person that I know talks about mccully Yup Mackenzie runs over that horse if he gets a clean trip through the lane it probably was the worst ride Mike is ever done but he was blocked at every which way he wanted to go but Mackenzie will run over Mottola in that mile race had he got clear saving. There's not a doubt in my mind I've I've watched them any horse racing. I'm seventy years old. There's No way Mattel beats that horse again going a mile. Mckinsey doesn't have a rough trip as a sprinter. He won't be super today anybody now. He's stretching yourself when he tries to get past that six and seven furlongs yeah. He's he's proven he can do it approved at one time and there's no way anybody who watches horse Racing Mackenzie destroys that horse at the sixteenth. Thanks policy gets through and that's a Ma. Now I watching I mean I'm religiously. I shouldn't use that word with horse racing but tape racing and oh he's superior to my totally going a mile. uh-huh reason didn't get McKenzie end of the race until Oh it was just extremely late in the race but he was kind of blocked two or three different ways he wanted to go and he didn't get a good trip gene. The one thing that Mackenzie will have going for him. If all things being equal he makes it to the classic at Santa Anita that will be in his backyard his home court he'll have that home court advantage that.

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