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This is the bbc sales of all complete range of programmes to bbcworldservicecom forward slash podcast welcome to the latest global news compiled in the early hours of tuesday the fourteenth of november our jonathan blake with the selection of highlights from across bbc world service news today coming up the secret deal that let hundreds of ice fighters in their families escape from wrecker after the syrian cities liberation before the hour but reverse curve since the moment we entered drucker as soon as we entered we so i ask fighters with the weapons and suicide boats on if something goes wrong in the deal they would bomb the entire convoy a huge rescue effort is underway after a powerful earthquake at iran's border with iraq killing more than four hundred people lucrative would not group i have lost relatives in this f quake what i'm standing in the middle of the street people assisting on blankets on whatever they've managed to get hold of and huddling around fires trying to keep warm also in the podcast how a north korean soldier go to cross one of the world's most heavily guarded strips of land and what china is cracking down on public dancing but we begin in syria where the bbc has uncover details of a secret deal that allowed hundreds of socalled islamic state fighters and their families to escape from raqqa watched by coalition and kurdish led forces who control the city a convoy included some of i as his most notorious members and despite reassurances dozens of foreign fighters some of those have spread out across the region some making it as far as turkey amid lease correspondent quentin some of ill sent this report from reckon the streets of rocco or lonely and broken the city is a rag booby traps and mines lie everywhere it's too dangerous to late most people in sight but we went in to try and pick up a trail through the debris to find out what happened to the highest vitals vote to die fighting here but in state escaped with the families in the.

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