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Back in your career like we'll be back the moment of actual being of actually being an nfl player like like was it up an opponent was it up was at a team me what was that sort of moammer what were a couple them because i'm sure as i've got a couple the first one uh first gave ever uh was crazy just because we're playing the dolphins miami dolphins and it was just preseason game but i told you had never been an nfl game that's house known see twogoal us you've got a little glucose stadiums in nuking if theory even call stadium subset data miami little do from the basket three town three hundred now man miami playing the miami dolphins across feel at home these were really by the play of miami dolphins that first game in the end being in the afc south ought to pay manning twice a year uh that some most games ops in on this one when we're on the sideline a sit down on the bench but when we're playing in the paint means up i was up watching same thing when he play new england tom tom brady's operate as kinda those are legends that if you really love the game and you understand what the game is in house specialties these guys are the come through i was up watching him um and then the moment for me i think probably one coors moments was two years ago monday night football uh the one hand the game winner against the chargers on san diego um so that ones that sticks them there's a ton me in this game.

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