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For less than a Honda 7 45 to Scott Jackson. All right, Ken, Thanks says we start with college basketball, where Virginia's trying to stay unbeaten in a SEC play a threat. Cavaliers leads Syracuse Right now, 35 26 a half Sam Houser with 15 points to lead the way for Virginia. Seventh right. Maryland Women are on the road at Ohio State against the 14th ranked Buckeyes a lead at the half 39 to 36, Texas basketball coach. Shaka Smart announced that he tested positive covert 19 and we'll isolate from his team and his family. George Washington remains on pause there. Basketball activities after a positive Kobe 19 testing within the Tier one of the program and their upcoming games at George Mason on Wednesday in their game against Fordham on Saturday have been postponed. Clippers Stars Collide Leonard and Paul George did not make their trip to Atlanta, where they play the Hawks tomorrow night due to Over 19 protocols, the EPA and the NBA Players Association now, too, They're discussing the possibility of holding All Star game in early March, with Atlanta emerging as they likely site, according to an ESPN report. The game had previously been scared for Indianapolis in February and was canceled because the ongoing Corona virus pandemic, But sources tell ESPN there are ongoing talks with the league and the union that a March 7th game in Atlanta that would be a scaled down version. Scott Jackson. W T O p Sports All right. Thank you much, Scott and we will get you caught up on traffic and weather in just a moment. Bit of a wintry mess out there this evening with snow. You might be getting rain. In some places. Sleet is on the way later. Fun night 7 47 moments They surround us intersecting every day. Every instant moments that can change us forever. In a region where news is never ending, A singular sound defines our moments..

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