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Team that couldn't win suddenly was winning almost twice as much as they were losing and then he won a playoff gave no against nor pittsburgh steelers and never got another real opportunity come on stop excuse me about retort to that would be this max it he completed forty six percent of this passes as a quarterback which is awful number want no disrespect to my friend it's just fax number two he went to the new york jets i thought he got railroaded never really got a chance there bill bellichik did bring him into camp so you had a plethora of coaches because of his character because of the it factor because he's such a lovable guys impossible to root against the eccentric sector that will more than willing to give him a chance but they saw what they saw and he was not an accord reason nfl player he could play in the nfl but he was not an nfl quart turbe back he never what you are said he got an opportunity in denver they couldn't win they didn't stop winning and won a playoff game the next opportunity he got you said was the jets admitted he was railroaded and then the next opportunity was with the patriots so because he couldn't take com moonies john out on no no no no no no no no that's not what i'm saying that's ridiculous that's not what i'm saying i'm saying if you go in there and you show something during a preseason all the people would have wanted to because it a profound respect that bill bellichik garners that's what i'm saying so the fact that you went to new england and didn't show any thing they in a ryan mahlatse of the world and others were better than you on what have you and they looked at the numbers and they had enough tape on you would evaluate what you could do on what you couldn't do it spoke for itself that's what i'm saying would you agree would you agree that the nfl is a risk averse league a copycat league people don't like to strike out and take their own chances were would you agree with that.

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