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Although he's been we like the idea again because we like data we like to be time travel by years and like him, but but. Yes. I think that event is going to need to address that in the next in the coming transfer window, clearly, and I know it given the Nazi it's gone now they need they need to because can even the younger. He's not getting any less injury prone. Likewise about Azadi have an and the problem is again with the central very often my combinations. I went to fall when I was saying about how you use the phrase, bad defendability, focus, look, he's been very effective defender in the right systems before his credit. He's not someone you wanna leave worried about mine mocking. He's not someone you won't have take on that so juicy and that's the thing with when we talk about his out of the and being available, even if he's old and swallow he's a great man mockery understands where he's supposed to be in in set piece situations and counts for something guy. I think the problem I have with him is I struggled to pinpoint like, what's your thing? Like, what's what's what am? I really like. Okay. I can count on you doing this. And she's been doesn't do anything. So he's positioning file. Yeah. He's a very he's a very passive player. And I won't aggression than not in general, but against his team on the issue positioning yourself and not doing anything the and we'll get John. Of course, we ever mazing mentioned him yet. But. Second half opens nine escorts straightaway. David knows speaking of positioning and not doing anything drop Consolo. Obviously, we always say he's better going forward and defensively. But I was looking at that. I said like if you're a leg and there's a bit of the old school about him. I. What do you do? What do you think? Like, how can I trust this guy? But this is this is something I noted when we talked about the first leg against let's go what I needed on Tristan. What we spoke about just before the podcast started is consensus, the kind of guy who you need because he gives you strings on the wings. He delivers those courses, and he has an understanding with Rinaldo. But what you saw in two minutes was the the beauty of council and the massive risk that you take playing him. And this is why I understood at the time. Why did she do you? He has this ability to just lose concentration. His defending is poor. I think this was also another reason why into one huge Lee upset when they lost. He isn't somebody like there's a difference Alexandro came in. He was a little bit green and defending as well the time he struggled, and he needed a lot of help from Kadurah all this to plug in the gaps. But his learned, and I saw this hundred was really good, you know, on on on the defensive level. Now, he's somebody. I rely on. Athlete. I mean, he's also lot stronger. Right. He can get he can recover. He's not gonna get pushed off the ball. The most who'd you pay to play right back. A few light we going forward playing further up the page. Will the name? We didn't throw infects into Emory Chan's. Also when he has using it back three. And if you go back three, then his mall, it's different formation. I wonder if you would have done if he'd had the players available. It's a good point. What would trouble with the back three though is that back three? You're one injury suspension from putting guy me back in there. But it's something that they trying to do with by looking at Romeo. And obviously by looking at Tila, they are looking for Santa banks. So this is a. All right for this team. Do why not what you see? That's missing. All right..

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