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And joan. She's got comic timing timing. She can even though i'm just saying the range. Her range is very limited to me but she's funny should've work j. l. wall don't know what you mean. Lucy carol burnett and gilda radner as one impression. Jon lovitz was in that cast to. That's yeah that's the ticket and dennis miller was in that cast of nora done but it didn't work now didn't work. I don't it should've worked. We're just gonna name phil hartmann number. One i'm just gonna keep changing my number one if you if you played fantasy saturday night live and you wrote those names down. You would have thought you had a super bowl team. Yeah but it once again i. It's it's fantastic as as headliners but collaboration wise. Yeah there's been a lot of people who've been super successful and been on saturday night. Live and bombed like sarah silverman and damon wayans. I love damian wayne. Yeah but on. Saturday night live no in love in living color. Daymond i can sit and watch all day actually. I really love that show. But he just couldn't do saturday night live for some reason. It didn't work for him. Ben stiller was on saturday on books. Little women little men lou. There's tons and tons of really talented people. I think it goes in. It goes definitely in waves. If you look at it and you go. They'll have a run of two three years sometimes five tops and you're like this is a fantastic ass and then you start bringing in some new talent you like it still works and then all of a sudden like a main key player. Lee is and you're just like how do we go from top to bottom within a season. 'cause if you at i mean think about it will look at the when the when sandler left. There's the whole bit. Their last bit is them going and jumping into the polar bear. And it's like him farley. Laid and i wanna see. There's one other person in the only person left mcdonald and nobody realized at the time that that was going to be their last bit. Saturday night live norm. Macdonald ranked really low. I love i love nor macdonald. Talk about one note. Sally mcdonough he is but when he like. It's the right roles for him like him as burt reynolds on their great him and weekend update he had his high notes. It was who who who was the weekend. Update i can't think of his name. Colin quinn. Yeah what can we name that. Colin quinn was really good at other than weekend. Update nothing remote control. And that's the thing is a lot of. Nobody knows that show. That's the thing was if you look at a lot of the weekend. Update people for the most part like a lot of them. One trick. tony's yes. I was going to say except for when they had like tina. Fey amy poehler. Dan ackroyd i like kevin nealon. Moore's royd player than a weekend. Update guy. I know. But i always look at him as weekend. Update because that's when. I really started watching for my age. And when i started getting into. Snl he was my weekend update anchor. Dennis miller has been my favorite weekend. I liked denison. Dennis miller worked. And that's why. When dennis miller got his own show on. Hbo and he pretty much did weekend. Update as a bit to start off It worked perfectly. Do i enjoyed. Amy poehler and tina fey. No the guy that replaced him. I got his own late night show. And i can't not jimmy fallon seth meyers seth buyers. Amy amy poehler. And seth meyers tina fey replace jimi jimi point out that jimmy fallon is essentially like he. All he wanted to do was be adam sandler throughout most of his career until he became like a host on weekend update. And here's the thing once again. yes i enjoy. You wanted to be adam sandler for most of his. Snl career but jimmy fallon link in all fairness a lot of his characters all his name and at some point he's going to crack up. He's not like he's not known for. But that's what makes it. A larry is is because of the fact that at some point he's just gonna lose it onset. Not all of you can be me and have your range of characters. And i didn't understand who is he is he andy gibbs. He does great with very gives really matter which gibbs brother well. That's the whole reason. I austin him and As i say him and rachel dra- ch. I think we're still will forever. Be debbie downer. Mom i think. I'm going to have to cut this last bit out of the podcast and save it for when we visit the life planet. Be good because guess what things don't change in space we still get squirrelled. Speaking to be squirrelled whereabout up at our our. You got any other quick thing. Quick one of think he did all of them. I know we talked about and he endorsed on you west as an independent campaign. That's where we get. He's might be a little crazy. Yes i tweet email on moscow the time and ask them for job see. You never hasn't responded. Just keep it up. He might. You might respond respond. I do the same thing to vince. Mcmahon i don't tweet i know don't we have you for the other media departments talk. I tiktok yeah. Well i guess we should probably get going. I gotta go with his catchphrase. Sleeping quarters are like. I'm afraid i'm going to go down the wrong hallway. Somebody walk with. We could walk and talk with them. I wrong is that wrong. I might get lost to make the wrong. Turn the walk and talk hallway instead if you noticed. Some of the newer scifi shows all their ships are a lot smaller. Yes yes so. We don't have the long hallways tank you firefly for that my favorite space show here. I've heard rumors that maybe coming back. Yeah just weeding got cancelled. i'm not believing. Yeah i think the cancel culture turning around though we'll see this. Latest cancel has not gone like they thought it would go what the jocelyn no the gina caro- corona corona. Oh they were looking for any reason to get rid of her. Yeah but people are starting to. I'm not taking any size on this. I'm just saying that people are starting to go. Not saying she's not crazy how she did some of the things. I do like the fact that she was trolling in a way to start off. Yeah but if she would have just sh- she needed to know when to shut up yes and she didn't say it's justified for what happened. I'm not gonna question it in any way. If she would have known one to shut up nobody be saying anything right. When you started getting in trouble maybe you should back off. Yeah but that's a conversation for another day all right. Well we gotta get out of the holiday podcast.

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