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It is a red dot and we're going to do a blue dopp very close to it and then a red and then a blue but then when you look you'll see a much richer vialli at and you ever would if we degenaar purple episode i will say i am really enjoying the show tom and people ask me all the time i mentioned the show ends usually listen to the show um and they ask me do i have to wake the show friends to listen to it and i say yes you do you have to have you have to be very familiar with the show the see i i feel like that might be some some uh some faulty uh info not my experience i am very well versed in the show i've seen very abbott every episode but probably like a few years ago and i think i would enjoy a more if i had just seal every episode shore like with in the past year that's who i think it's really for people who have seen every episode of france within the past year named iran red like some is always about it yeah they hit umbrellas we should have bug us the entertainment value of rats where they were really all lieberman's review lieberman's you're going to launch ward simba i mean you're gonna want you know can tucker and all those guys to sort of like get in there and just a slap year round with some hard fat oddson kyoei would how iowa own rich understanding of joey i don't have that and sometimes on your show i'm lost yeah when you bring up jay de matteo and sort of her involvement in the friends averse i sometimes will go i don't remember this joey let me go back and watch it and luckily i can surely not everyone has that privilege.

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