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Just with a quick. It was a group of people and their jeans. Nwa shirts and in four for life. And if you nothing right you know cool drew. We wanna drink beer rebel against authority in the extra suck. You like. i guess today who would make me would make you want to get back. I today and and i think that's important is because have to look at the future generations. Wrestling does by the next thirty years. And who knows you know it's still in its infancy. People like oh it's been around forever kind of but not really i would say looking back to the old And wada's locations and you know the midwest wrestling and all that stuff probably nine hundred sixty probably earlier but there's a global phenomenon and it happens time that comes through but like he's going to of come in to get the promise in the wb year in the pgn and just kind of disappeared back philosophical. So that the call brings aew because time is of the essence. Winter is coming sound familiar right. I set it up as a little bit of a stink preview. The derrick henry line You know for shouting to what we're doing here. His wife ause eight of us. Winter's coming addition. I know if it's cool to mentioned that repast. Because that's from game of thrones and concerned the fact that the finale just kind of crimes a lot of people's gears. I know if you wanna tato your oh that why is what is coming cool. Catchphrase were in december. And also. There's be big massive stone. I don't even know the rest of the car. I'm just going straight on to wash. Because i'm gonna watch it. And they seem an event going to start it john. Oxley is defending his awa world heavyweight championship against kenny omega. They have history. They wanna get to get you want against each other. Even though for some reason say oh you can't count wins losses because there's elias out Record doesn't apply silly. you know. Kennedy's kind of become a bad guy. I don't think it's really bad guy yet. Think hangman's gonna try to help out. Remember he was a tag team. Champion with adam hanging that page where we love the last cowboy basically or also jape service bus different story for different division different ownership but monsanto developed too long. It's.

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