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Captured is now in custody you're listening to abc news here's a special message for those of you who owe the irs at least ten thousand or more in back taxes the irs has special grams in place that could eliminate or reduce your tax debt by thousands of dollars with a call to national tax helpline you can stop the wage garnishments levies and tax liens now once you've qualified and enrolled the irs will stop all the collection activities against you these unique programs have been allocated to help the economy and significantly reduce or eliminate your tax burden the irs is currently accepting reduced settlements and other favorable programs you may qualify for substantial savings so get the help you need if you owe the irs ten thousand or more call now for free information and to see if you qualify take down the number now for the tax helpline eight hundred eight o five ten fifty five that's eight hundred eight o five ten fifty five for free information eight hundred eight o five ten fifty five that's eight hundred eight five 1055 if you could buy a used car as auction just like a car dealer wouldn't you coors she wore well this is your lucky they do craig's ed's pre ov chin seal center were online netflix orchard sales edward icon by a quality preowned vehicles at twenty thirty forty two fifty percent less than the original car price up to fifty percent less for an academy guard family kearns boards got luxury car truck or sportutility vehicle in many include though ballot above all three warranty kids easy pick the vehicle you want and make us an offer any offer and you could save low price that dealers payette ajit plus by with zero down enhancement credit approval jubal qualified buyers only at prague's ed's pre auction sale center or one joe self of jared street in hollywood clicked three ulchin sale centre dot com that's free aljins sales editor dot com or call eight four four.

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