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Japanese carmaker Nissan, Carlos Goan appears in court in handcuffs, the French government promises. Criminal punishments for anyone taking part in unauthorized yellow vest protests. The decline is I delivers demonstration was authorized and everything went. Well. The second was not and it descended into the that. We all saw Australia insists it will strip a suspected Islamic state fighter of citizenship. Despite claims he could become stateless. Why female penguins are three times more likely to get stranded on the coast of South America? This is the BBC I'm raised Marie creek. With a look at the latest BBC news Carlos gain, the former chairman of the Japanese comic kinison has appeared in public for the first time since his arrest in November on suspicion of financial misconducts. He's attended a hearing at the Tokyo district court. Here's report Wingfield Hayes, Mr. goon came in wearing a dark suit without a tie on. He was handcuffed around the waist. Then went on to make a very robust statement in which he categorically denied the allegations against him. He said he had been wrongly accused on meritless and unsubstantiated allegations. And he said he had not received any compensation from Nissan Motor corporation that was not disclosed. So a very direct rebuttal of the allegations, and the legal accusations that have been made against him by the prosecutors here the North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN has arrived in Beijing at the start of a fourth summit with president Xi Jinping. No, Rebecca reports from Seoul. It's Kim Jong UN's birthday. And he's spending it in the Chinese capital. Beijing he traveled there and a special green and yellow bulletproof train. China is North Korea's key diplomatic ally. And means source of trade and aid, Mr Kim visited the country three times last year to pay his respects to president gee after not meeting. For more than six years after his rise to power to of the trips were ahead of the historic summit with the South Korean leader, moon Jae in and cresent, Donald Trump and were seen by some as a chance to coordinate strategy this three day. Visit will fuel speculation that a second US North Korean summit will take place in President Trump said earlier this week their location would be announced in the not distant future. The French Prime Minister Eduard Philippe has announced plans to ban participation in unauthorized protests following weeks of violent yellow vest demonstrations, Mr Philippe, said the government would introduce legislation punishing those who organized undeclared protests, those who took part in them and people who disguise their faces with mosques. He said that the response could be modelled on existing measures targeting football hooligans on Saturday. Rioters in Paris, torched motorbikes and set barricades on fire to leaders of Italy's populist coalition government, Matteo Salvini and Luigi Demayo half me. Meanwhile, expressed support for the yellow vest movement, saying a new Europe with being born the UN secretary General Antonio Guterres has insisted that Guatemala muster allow the international commission against impunity to continue its work in the country until its mandate comes to an end in September on Monday, the Guatemalan government gave the UN anti corruption body twenty four hours to leave in a national broadcast. Mr. morale is accused of exceeding its mandate. He's been angered by an investigation into the financing of his election campaign in two thousand fifteen world news from the BBC the US national security adviser John Bolton is in Turkey foster expected to be tense talks on the planned withdrawal of American troops from Syria last month's Donald Trump promised that all US forces would leave immediately. But on Sunday, Mr. Bolton insisted they'd stay until the last Islamic state militants were defeated from Tom bull. Celine? Garrett reports Donald. Trump. I announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria after a phone call with Turkey's president trajectory baritone last month. This was a move had long hoped for wants US troops pull out of northern Syria. The Turkish military would be able to cross the border to drive out Kurdish forces which Turkey sees as terrorists. But with the Kurds turning to Russia for protection. Washington felt obliged to take a step back from Mr. Trump's announcement his national security adviser John Bolton is trying to reassure Kurdish forces that they are still America's allies that has left Turkey frustrated, and it is very difficult to see on camera agreeing to protect the Kurds in today's talks both sides will need to strike a delicate balance as neither wants to damage their relationship. The governor of the US state of Tennessee has granted clemency to a woman who was sentenced to life in prison for murder when she was just sixteen sin. Toyo Brown says she was forced into prostitution and feared for her. Life when she shot a man dead in Nashville in two thousand and four she'll be freed on parole in August, but must remain under supervision for a further ten years. The Ecuadorian authorities have released hundreds of iguanas Galapagos island almost two centuries after they disappeared from there. They became extinct after the introduction of predators. Such as the feral pig, which has now been eradicated one thousand four hundred be moved there from north Seymour island as part of an ecological restoration program. The Galapagos islands said a UNESCO world heritage site. BBC news. You're listening to the newsroom from the BBC World Service with me, Alex Richardson, we start the program in China where the president Xi Jinping is hosting the North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN who's just arrived for a three day. Visit the first sign that the trip was taking place when the Korean need is personal armored train crossed the frontier between the two countries. Both governments have now confirmed. Visit is underway. Our correspondent in South Korea. Is Laura bicker. This'll be one of his longest visits, we know that he's there at the invitation of president, gee, according to Chinese state media apart from that. We're not sure of the shed Jill I remember they've met three times before last year the Mets I'm on. I'm kind of a special occasions just before Kim Jong and went to meet other leaders like president moon Jae-in here in South Korea and President Trump. So there's always this kind of speculation are they calc? But remember China is North Korea's main ally, both economically and historically. So when it comes to kind of even getting permission to do anything, perhaps China is the one he wants to go on at least pay a courtesy visit to so all they calculating. That's the question from Laura bicker in Seoul. Well, if they are to what degree can Beijing be a guiding figure for North Korea. How much influence could president Xi have on Kim Jong earn? That's a question for our correspondent, John sudworth who's in the Chinese capital and joins us now. An interesting question is is Laura mentions that there is no doubt about it. China. Is hugely important. In terms of North Korea's economy is really North Korea's only trading partner that matters eighty to ninety percent of North Korea's trade is with China. It is dependent on China for energy supplies. So in that sense. Beijing, of course, has always had a huge amount of diplomatic influence over North Korea. Don't forget as well. The alliance's old and historic. They fought together on the same side in the Korean war. So you could argue that if China wanted to it could pretty much command whatever it wanted. The interesting thing though, is often on the Korean peninsula. We've seen a sort of tail wagging the dog kind of conundrum which is despite its sort of clients status. North Korea alternately holds some very important cards in its homes too. And China's big fear. Of course is that. Although it doesn't want a destabilized nuclear provocative North Korea. Nor does it want to see a collapsed basket case North Korea, and that's a card that Pyongyang could always play to its advantage. John. Thank you John sudworth in Beijing. The former chairman of the Nissan Motor company has made his first appearance at a court in Japan since his arrest last year. Carlos golden was detained on allegations of financial misconduct, November correspondent Rupert Wingfield. Hayes has more from outside the court in Tokyo, Mr. goon came in wearing a dark suit without a tie on. He was handcuffed around the waist. Apparently, he has lost weight. His hair is graying. But even went on to make a very robust statement in which he categorically.

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