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Commend biscuit. Yeah. Especially with cream, strawberries, oh, you could still do that. Usually, the biscuit is you can be a witness. You could eat the biscuit without the which look green was right? You're that recipe or we'd have to pull that upset a heavily at home. It's not my head. It's only four ingredients. You got your flower your butter heavy cream baking powder. It was the heavy cream that I forgot rock recipe and baking pedaled, five ingredients, and honestly guys so delicious, and you could put anything on that. But we loved it with the Honey mustard the ham, and I would send that as gifts to people because they craved it delicious. Yeah. So what else are you cooking? These days. Cooking making a lot of soups at home. Elope soup. I love sue. You know, what I made the other day? I did a vegetable white bean with short ribs. I didn't have narrow bones. But I found short ribs cut short with phones. And I did that same thing. Brown them made a stock. And then did all the it was my wife says I've been holding back on baked clams for thirty years, you do she loves and I love I just never used to make the now making home and like it'd be done on mulberry street. They're good good. I as you're talking. I'm thinking, no one has served me baked clams nor have I made them in years. You have to get really good clams whole foods is that where you buy replace. They shut them for me. So at hopeful. So what do you do? What do you? Do you get you Clem? Right. And you have them shock them. Like, take the shows home. I rinse it shows that well, so there's no little piece. Breadcrumb in that mixture. There is I use roasted garlic bread crumbs olive oil partially soul bringing back. My persistence memory olive oil mix it up we used to love that put them in the oven. Again, totally satisfying great was Super Bowl Super Bowl. Ray come in the name of the event, it's a great Super Bowl item. Everybody loves me cleanse, greasy very inexpensive and whole foods will shut them. All right. Who knew the usually shut them. Asking for a hundred clam shell you're gonna tell you know. Not only that Clemson. You're not going to serve roast chicken for Super Bowl. But Mitchell makes the best roast chicken and the best gravy. How nei-neither of? Chicken little hot oven. And you don't do a lot to it. Ryan salt pepper butter. That's it. And stick it in water four four fifty fifty. Can't be too hot. But how come you gravy is always so good is separate just the the pen, drippings, no onions, celery carrots and the bottom known look. I liked. I liked the roster. Jake was potatoes parsnips carrots, also delicious. You gonna make gravy from the drippings? Yeah, I love that so much everything's giving me my wife will say to me, you know, how long that great. We keep us keep a month. It's mostly fat. I'm just kidding. But you can freeze. I don't free you never. Well, I sometimes everyone loves gravy. So if I really make a big wonderful gravy, and I have any left, which I rallied we had a customer sixty fifth and Madison for many, Sean. Can this be frozen? I don't know. I don't freeze. I said you right across the street when he just by today today or tomorrow, and then freeze freezer must have more stuff in it. You know, what people do that all the time? I'm not a big freezer person. I keep chicken that. I buy Cosco individually wrapped from the freezer. I do that for the dog. Could do it for yourself too. But that's I keep that in the freezer, but very rarely he'd buttering the free scream. I keep trader Joe's puff pastry in the freezer. I'm gonna go get I never portrayed string KEMA atrium in the freezer and that Sanjay Gupta. That's because you're Mitchell London. So Mitchell London we've been bothering him since he no longer has his boutique shops where we all used to stop the get that lemon chicken that. I loved popular addition Stewart was the lemon chicken. You're a member. How you made that? I do. Different Chiwetel me tell you. Yeah. Chicken cutlets cut very thin. I pounded pounded. Well, it goes against the market. I go to fight goes. And they cut him for me razor thin marinated in lemon zest, fresh, lemon juice. I'll will fresh irregular. That'd be fresh. Reagan will be we don't want to buy fresher. Reagan will make a different dish. Okay. Hash fresh original a little bit of peppers. Guy pepper flakes, the red ones you let that shit for four hours two hours. Lemon juice lemon says fresh oregano and a little red pepper you dredge that in flower after you marinate to three or four hours does not need to be overnight. Put it in flower different flower, shake off, the excess flour Brown that in olive oil in a non stick pan. Right. And we call it banging chicken was named by kid who came into the shop who would water can lose his mother five days a week because it's bang and good. That's that's how the kids talk. Now, again, hand baggage recall and chicken, and it is super delicious super easy. That's easy. I'm gonna make that one. And if you put it on top of a green salad Isla Milanesi, delicious, you then you get your salad for the day. You totally happy close nothing to make. And it is banging good. Mitch the name easy, and you can serve it with anything, mashed potatoes or rice asparagus delivers from my wife. She does not I like it and I roasted with parmesan to go. But she you know, we all have I can't eat beets. People say what I loved. I know everyone loves reach can't.

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