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Hope you are all safe and healthy and staying in and surviving the madness that we have been going through good not good great actually going to pump it up. Great podcast today. We've got Peter Schrager from the NFL network and Fox sports on the show. We covered a million topics into broadcasting booths. Three people versus people who we think could be good for Monday night football. We like what we don't like from announcers talked about watching old games. We talked about the last dance. When in depth on Michael Jordan were talked about some issues. We might have with the last dance that you won't hear anywhere else because ESPN people are not going to criticize it We discussed the NFL schedule in terms of Christmas and Thanksgiving. We discussed What we're going through here a little bit to quarantine and what how that will affect NFL teams and what NFL front offices. Think about what's going on so we get into a little bit of that and really covered a bunch of topics with Peter Schrager. Who of course is on Good Morning Football Monday through Friday on the NFL Network and works for Fox sports and the sidelines for them as well? So that is this week show. It's really good. Peter was great last week. I in Eagle from. Cbs was on the show. Two weeks ago Chris. Long and three weeks ago Michael Imperatively and Steve Sherpa from the soprano. So if you missed any of those you can dip into the archives and give those listen. You're not a subscriber to the media. Podcast pleased the subscribe. Button helps me tremendously. And that's it. Let's get to this week. Show right now with the always fun. Peter Schrager Four. Okay join me now. One of my favorites from the best morning show on television also from Fox sports. Peter Schrager hasn't been on in a while strikes going. Jimmy how we doing. Thanks for inviting me onto the podcast. You you know you have an open invite anytime you you have so many good like pop. Culture takes always loves mixing. It up with you. I gotTa thank you though. All you guys doing podcast. I swear an every week listener when it's non quarantine time but the audio medium of podcasts. I find to be a lot more palatable than sitting in front of a TV all day. When you're in the house on the couch. I like being able to go outside listening. Walking and your podcast has been great. The Iron Eagle one. I must say as required. Listen one of the great person held. He's of our game and you guys did a fantastic job with him. I appreciate that I get zero credit. I was tremendous just him imitating raftery and Chris Russo and the stories he has Jerry Jones He. He was phenomenal last week. He really was one of the one of the best guys in sports media. That's you always hear that about everyone and we'll just I mean hell we're doing. Let's just start off and on an Iron Eagle conversation. I did preseason for the jets this year. It was me. Anthony Becht an iron eagle eye on his like a ship. Captain out at sea like just guiding the broadcast could not be more encouraging. But I go back so far with I in that like when I first started doing this in three or four. He knew I was a nets fan because I would call in. Wfan talk about New Jersey Nets basketball. He was the voice of the nets in one day. We were emailing and he was like want to go to a game here. You go got tickets to a nets game at the Brendan Byrne arena allow. I an eagle. This was back when I was like blogging. For whatever website would take it That is salt of the earth. That's a good man right there. That's a great yeah. Did you know that Mike? Breen us when he when he when he does the Knicks Games. Now I don't know if he does it with the national. Espn game the Knicks Games. Before the game is he goes to the like the rafters finds like dad and his on mom mom and dad and kit and brings them down to like lower seats. Does that forever game fantastic? I get a I can't speak for the analysts because they're usually ex players and coaches and there's always a little bit of a guard but those guys I would be really challenged to find a play by play guy at the top levels the Mike Breen. The irony goes the Joe. Bucks gymnasts who are assholes like those guys are genuinely like incredibly hardworking working people and some of the nicest guys I've ever met Kenny. Albert. He's like the nicest dude you'll ever those get Kevin Burkhart. Just neither guy grinders but like totally get it and are self aware and understand that. It's the game not really them. That people are tuning in to watch and stuff like that. You always hear stories. It's usually the play by play guy above and beyond and and there's nobody and you know outside of the players. Obviously there's nobody in sports who gets more shit than the play by play guys because people think they hate their teams they make one mistake idiots like me blow it up and write a column about it. It's the the microscope is on those especially in the NFL. No and it's this. It's I can do what you're doing like corners talking or collins where it's talking the guy at home knows. I didn't have the career Chris Collins Kurt Warner had but if Mike Tariq owes talking like well who's what did he ever play. I could talk like that. None An. It's probably the hardest thing to do is play by play. I don't even know if I could try to it. Have you ever had interest in doing color? I Know Your Network Fox has the number two spot open right now with with Burqa. You WanNa make a pitch to Jacob Ullman or Eric shanks here. Is that anything you'd ever want to do? Of course but I think with me it would be more as like the Kornheiser. Dennis Miller not necessarily with wisecracks but like I did preseason for the rams two years ago with Nate Burleson and Anderson Leon up in the booth being the third man in and in a lot of times I do sidelines chime in but I love. I would love the opportunity to get up in the booth maybe not on a full-time GIG for a game here game there because I speak to every team President general manager coach and it's not just in the production meeting. I do think there's a place for the writer still in like Kornheiser had that opportunity. I'm trying to think if there's any others simmons. I think did a couple of games in the college game and he did studio show like you don't see many of guys who are like sports media guys who are connected being putting up with like the Monday night gig. They're talking about like put Pat McAfee as that guy. I think. Curious to hear Schefter in the booth and he's got all that knowledge and the insight and talks to everybody and it'd be curious to hear some of the commerce whose like I have no problem share in that stuff on good morning football every morning. I think that broadcasting refund but no I'm not gonNA pitch for anything more than what they wanna give me. I'm quite happy with what I do at Fox but you would. You wouldn't mind doing a game as an analyst. I Know Jacob all been listening to this podcast. So maybe he can hear this. And let's get Peter King. Come across as of me saying Oh. I know what I'm saying. I'm not breaking down any replays. I'm not telling you what happened in the three four scheme. But if you WANNA know why Brandon. Bean has a connection with Sean McDermott. I'm your guy you know I can give you the back story. Give you a little more information. I think you'd see you sound smarter. The next morning at the water cooler after listening to a broadcast with one of the guys in my roles as opposed to at not having it so my make it a A case myself no but if there is a guy a writer or anything I would. I wouldn't mind hearing some thoughts on a broadcast every once in a while from someone other than the X. Player the ex coach does. It's it's amazing to me that you've brought this up because I didn't really plan on getting into the Monday night. Football thing and the Fox. And he's a number two analyst thing. I was saving so I'll make about me for a minute and pull back the curtain so like When I wrote my column today on. We're taping this Tuesday afternoons. When I wrote train of thoughts on Tuesday morning I was gonNA write about Monday night football. And what they should do because they formally announced test. Burger won't be back then. I was surfing around the web and I saw a lot of people a lot of media. People have done that so I'm like you know what? Let me save that for maybe two Wednesday or Thursday when it could send out a little more and then I had this story about. Lamar Jackson Needs Shrimp. Alfredo before every single game. That's certainly more important exactly. It was like I can mention the office so I went with that So I'm going to write about this Wednesday Thursday but I'll discuss it with you on a so because I think I saw my good friend Richard Daichi Britain. Something that said. Espn should go with. I think Steve leaving my play by play. And then I think you mentioned riddick and I forgot who it was whatever whatever it was named three people and I despise the three person booth in almost every sport especially the NFL. And I think if you look at the good teams today which are obviously Buchan Aikman and Nansen Romo and Michaels and cal. It's two people but the way you're presenting the third person I think see. I think maybe maybe thought maybe they do that with when they had bugger on the crane. But I do think if you have your traditional play-by-play person traditional analyst and then someone like you who can come in with the anecdotes and the stories about all the people you talk to during the week that works but when you have two people in the booth trying to analyze a three yard run its Bertel. Yes so I go back and forth on it. Because sometimes it's worked like I worked on a crew couple years ago where it was play by play with Thom Brennaman and then Charles Davis and Chris Spielman and they're completely opposite types of analysts and in really worked like and they were so selfless giving up half their analysis to do it but that has to be the case. It has to be where the two guys are willing to cede to the other and say okay. Well you're going to take the lead on this one and all echo you. It's it can't work in a in a in a Into Silos I can't have. Here's the play then. Here's analysts X. Giving his thoughts and here's analysts Z. Not even right bonding. What Xhang and doing what he takes. Now to me Dennis Miller I went back because now is the time to do it. If you can go back and watch old broadcasts like I went back. I watched the jets dolphins game the famous jumbo. Elliott game and like Dennis Miller is on the call and I didn't hate it but like I could see where it would great after sixteen weeks where you've got everyone can talk about Miller now and his politics and I'm not going there especially on a podcast that that you know twitter listens to but at the time he's referencing seventeen eighty s you know comedy from Russian oligarchs but it was unique it was different and then I almost wish there was another year where we could see. Okay how this go kornheiser. I went back and listen to the two thousand six. It was Mike Tirico Joe thighs men. Tony Kornheiser two thousand.

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