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The window. I'm going to tell you the real deal listening today. I'm going to answer all your burning questions about work. Life starting accompany getting on track and much much more. Be sure to call in to the business unusual hotline with your question at eight eight eight barbara. That's eight eight eight b. a. r. b. r. a. This episode is presented by. At and t. business. Hey barbara this is leslie from ohio. I was wondering if it's ever appropriate to ask what the salaries during the interview absolutely but save that question till the end because it's much more gracious to ask at the end of the chew and before you who in make sure you know at that. Job is worth searched online and going with that number and if they give you a lower number and you're looking for more say it right than in there. There's no harm doing that every salary. Believe me negotiable. Hello this is barbara barbara. My name is hayley from auburn california. I was just curious. Why is the best questions to trip interviewers. In your opinion you've been in a game for a long time and you're always you know looking for that fresh person. That really did their homework. So what questions Surprise and impress you think you. Maybe i never tried to ask a trick question or trip somebody up and i don't look at the active interviewing as a game at all in my mind. The purpose of interview is simply to find out if the person's going to be good for the job do they fit the company Do they have the skill set. That's needed to perform the job. Well now when. I think about what kinds of questions i asked to accomplish. That goal of the first and foremost is to try to get to know the person as an individual. I always ask questions about their family. Their parents siblings town. They were born in. What's it like. I try to get them to relax and tell me all about the background. Why because you really can't change people if someone has a very open attitude. They're going to be an open worker. If they have a spirited core about their family in the hometown they going to be a team player. if they have grudges or if they're insecure or are Couching their own personality. I know they're not going to be open minded and so i ask a lot of questions about their background because i want to really get to know the individual their attitudes most importantly And the way they look at life The second part of the interview is to really drill down on the skill set to try to figure out. Do they have the skills for the job. And this don't trick questions there. I just present different. Circumstances went on on sure and see how they respond to it. What would they do. And so i end the interview feeling like i know the individual and i know if they have the skill set. And you know what i've learned. I've learned that. You can never change individual when i was young. Doing my first early hires. I always thought i could remake anybody if i put my mind to it. But then i realized if their parents couldn't remake them and life didn't remake them by now. Heck what was. I going to do to remake them. Sino and i interview. I'm going to get what i see. I'm not always hoping like i used to. When i was young i could change them. I can improve people. But i can't really change. I recently interviewed a woman who is very talented. Obviously had the skill set for the job but in the interview. I wasn't sure if she was going fit my personality. I was concerned because she talked a lot. And i'm not a good listener around someone who talks a lot in the workplace and so lucky for her. She asked an amazing question. Before i finish the interview with her she said is anything that would get in the way of you hiring me well she s so i told a. Yeah you talk too much. I said and she turned right around. She said i don't have to talk too much. I can work around that. I could be exactly who you want me to be. I won't talk too much. And i hire good for her. If that was an a trick question it was certainly a great question and she wouldn't be happily working in my company today. Being tremendous at what she does issue and ask that question. I was ready to pass just threw that in. I think that has been something new. I learned recently. Let's take a short break to talk about a company. I love no doubt. It's been a tough year for small business but those were quick to go. Virtual and adopt new technology are coming out on top. That's why i've teamed up with eighteen business to bring you the business unusual webinar series with free expert advice on how to grow your business from some of the smartest people i know like gary viner chuck ratio ray rebecca jarvis of abc news. Danny meyer of shake shack. Daniela betsy of kind bars and many many more registered eighty barbara dot com to get the tips and tricks. You need to push your business ahead today. At and t. Business shares my passion for small business. And we're eager to hear from you. If you've got a question tweet us at barbara corcoran and at att business. And i just might answer your question live now. let's get back to the show. Hey sh ruthie. From austin texas and I'm glad to go to college. And i was wondering what advice you have for young girls wanting to do something in business Wanting to succeed in business because it's really challenging for many to get past. The barriers are in place and i washed shirt tank. And all these shows. And i i find it really inspirational what you do permit people. So thank you so much tracy first off. You can't focus on the barriers you look at the barriers keeps you outside in the same spot. You're in no don't let the barriers and certainly don't look at yourself as a young girl or even a woman for that matter. I don't think i ever approached a day in my life and business trying to build my life. As i wanted it to be as a young girl or woman i thought of myself as a person and more importantly i thought of myself as a competitor so when i entered the world of men who looked down on me or didn't take me seriously. I don't think i was even aware of that. I just dismissed it. I was too busy. Just doing what added due to accomplish what i wanted to do. And if they saw me differently what the heck. It wasn't until i was in business ten years until i realized the great advantage of being a woman. You know what it was. The guys didn't take me seriously. And so i went around that back and competed so hard while they weren't watching until i became the number one rival. I surprise them. If i had been a man they would have seen me coming in. They would put up a battle. But because i was a woman. They didn't take me seriously. Stop thinking of yourself as a woman. Just go out and compete like you would if you were a man. And that's all we have time for today if you have a question. Leave me a voicemail in the business unusual hotline eight eight barbara. That's eight eight eight b. a. r. b. a. r. a. You can also tweet it to me at barbara corcoran and i may just answered on a future episode. You've been listening to business unusual with me. Barbara corcoran come back. next week. To hear more steps and missteps. I took on the path to success search and follow business unusual on iheartradio or subscribe. Wherever you listen to podcasts..

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