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Proud that fact that the sport i at fallen in love with as had one of the great leader's billie jean king not just for equality in what we're talking about gender equality but really equality across the board and she at age seventy six. I think she's seventy six. She's she's still doing amazing things. Even during this pandemic she has great core values of equality and somebody always admire. I interviewed jason collins. Who's class ninety. Seven hundred westlake first openly gay player and he talks about some of his heroes growing up particularly before he had come out. Where people like billie. Jean and martina navratilova tennis players actually female tennis players not necessarily nba players that you might expect. I love that nine. Jason As you said he loves the sport a tennis and does and we often direct message each other on our twitter accounts. What i love about. Women's tennis is in. you mentioned. Might i was lucky enough. My big business break in life was when martina navratilova called me on the phone. October of nineteen eighty and asked me to be her partner. Starting in the beginning of nineteen eighty one in that started a ten year partnership that was truly amazing and i was heard how many are just starting to interrupt you. How many majors did you guys win. As a doubles partner we won twenty together and so i did manage to win two out her and then i also want an olympic gold medal with zina garrison quote unquote a major. But obviously a little pretty cool. One i don't know. I like the jason sort of reminds us of how many besides billie jean martinez there was also natasha zvereva who i won my last. Us open shoes from belarus and it was right after the soviet union broke up and she actually as a woman told her that. The old breaking up the ussr federation. Whenever i'm keeping my prize money this is not yours anymore. And then lee not a decade or so later she became. This breakout athlete from china. And li not really told the government in china. I'm keeping my endorsements on keeping my prize money so again going back to what billie jean king. She set the table for women tennis players. An women athletes. I think about how soccer standing up for equality in the us female team. Did i really think. Billie jean going back to the early seventies and and also some other professional players really helps set the table. Yeah the wnba right now as well doing a lot in that regard but you mentioned before you were educated at mcdonough school. A great independent school in maryland. Can you tell me a little bit about what that experience was like. I assume playing tennis there some and then you also mentioned there was a teacher there that was particularly inspiring to you. Yes well mcdonagh. Schools has an interesting history. Because it used to be male military and in the early seventies after the vietnam war a lot of things changed with military schools and so it went male civilian for a few years in fortunately for me starting in the mid seventies. The board of trustees decided it was time to make that step to becoming coed..

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