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I want you to think about this one of the Republicans had had an opportunity in the house to call their witnesses what would happen to the impeachment process it would have blown up what if they had an opportunity to call the phony whistleblower and the staff for shift staff you were blown up one of the Republicans have had an opportunity to seriously cross examine witnesses what would have happened you were blown up they would have been exposed on the Democrats one of the president's council could participate same thing the Democrats would have been obliterated even though they're in the majority in the house this thing may have gone to the Senate it would have been far worse condition that it got there than it actually wound up in the Senate do you understand what I'm saying this but is nobody's talking about this this was the best case they could cobble together this was the best case they could cobble together which was no case at all can you imagine if it had come under normal scrutiny cross examination Republican witnesses the participation of the president's council can you imagine what the scenario would have been that came into the Senate in the vote that would have taken place in the house of the exposure that these phony moderate Democrats from trump districts what I've had to deal with that's what they should be talking about what if we actually had Republican witness what if we actually had cross examination what if we actually had the president's council participating and what the house intelligence committee had been doing the whole scenario would be different this debate is the fifty three Republicans senators right they have staff right it's just me here right I don't have people thinking for me I mean I Mister producer does engineering and production and all that that's thinking for me that I'm capable of but I'm talking about on this stuff it's me it's fifty three of them they all get elected they have to be at least relatively intelligent to get elected they have significant staffs how come I think up this stuff imagine what what actually occurred in the house of representatives not this kind of clean fascistic to radical attack on the president a true good old red blooded American back and forth Republican witnesses cross examination of Democrat with this participation by the president's counsel the provision of other evidence wow that would have been an impeachment inquiry that's how it worked with Clinton that's how it worked with Nixon that's how it worked with Johnson but it didn't work that way with trump so they hand over this sort of Maoist Stalinist kind of information for trial in the Senate what does Johnny can say when the Senate actually does the right thing by the skin of its Steve hawk trump trump are is a mosque it's a sad day for the Senate here sad day and a montage of morons in the media morons not in the media it's incredible incredible how much time I had a rich set enough time for cut seven that's seven go Jay Sekulow it's a little bit interesting to me and my colleagues the deputy White House counsel referred to this it's a little bit ironic to me that you're gonna be questioning conversations with foreign governments about investigations with when three of three members of the Senate senator Menendez senator Leahy and senator Durbin sent a letter that read something quickly like this these were they wrote a letter to the prosecutor general of Ukraine they said their AG advocates talk about the congressman their strong advocates for a bus and froze close relation grain and we believe that our cooperation for extensions such legal matters regardless of politics and their concern was ongoing investigations and while the molar team was getting appropriate appropriate responses from Ukraine regarding investigations of what the president of the United States and you're asking about whether foreign investigations are appropriate I think it answers itself so those three center should be expelled right ladies and gents now you don't expel.

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