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Presented by Florida cancer specialists, and research institutes were hope is powered by science. Here's Dave Michigan. The Panthers three to two we have a goalie teams for Florida Bob who was not happy with games Riber that second period goals allowed three granted votes. Kansas guys alone. Stamkos callahan. There were brought along goes in relief. To buy right down to the goal to buy left Lago. Second on the all time platelets, by goalies. More that the second I rated point with the is face off tro, Jack Straw than ISIS. I may down there point though. So that forces the law goes the puck came off the wall back in front to cover it up. Good hustle braided point. So this is a game played the law going though, he didn't start it. Obviously, it is his one thousand thirtieth one zero three zero. Played. Surpassing Patrick law with. Thai when you play. Bharti Brodeur ahead of it. Catch brodeur. So long way to go on that front. But relief Riber this game point tro to the rate of long ago. Want by the Panthers Matheson pedals that the Ray wing scoops it all the way down the ice is going to be racing. He was trying to lift it to Barkat who for the lightning blue-eyed. But it went over bark says. Snappers have really had their troubles at the third theory this year their finest twenty five. In terms of their third period goal differential, let the worst differential of any team in the third period. Tro check and board the rate of Lago. What again? Trying to clear it strongholds of it left point, grabs it. And that's it down the ice time. To get to park absorbs of check for Toronto trying to fix this deal project, right quarter past shoot saved me. Radha kucherov Travis Jack gaughman follows up and lifted out of the Zona filed stop opposite right to Gord anti Putra swerves across the I love to go. Headman shoots Rita who drafted I buy. We'll all go. We talked. It not a lot of real estate there, but long still who drop for Gordon fraud holes and public away. Lago doctored away to the trotto early chances for the lightning but trying to debate who's fires it out himself to stamp ghost rider to stick at center ice across the right point damp goes to rip it to the near corner. Good steak from Yandell knocked it down. But that his thirty. It's up to center is picked up by stamp goes to get it back. Donna left with Johnson across the blood eighteen Miller point. Why decribed ice for stamkos right corner? To lightning of the third. Snappers is a strip bar rumbles back to center, Bartow, down the left wing side. And it was he t twenty-seven are meeting the third three to lightning. Had only three shots he tires. They already have to the third. On the Lago. Good. Save on your head who trauma, the rebound was denied by law. Go with a lot path. Gore got lucid five to just trying to make a stick ailing doctor away. That was not as dot gore. Hotbed with the cetera is face off over tried to set up by Kenneth covers back into the lane again for growl of circle brower winds across as for my carpet, right circles. Jan. Jane is checked by Colbert. Battle for the pocket. Sues the lady. Eighty defensive Ed podcast jobs it into the far corner with Shane is there. Riley Sheahan, right circle. Hop in a wraparound tri-state at boy at two or three weeks after the whistle. He didn't appreciate that door demand. Who's talking to volume about that to the referee? Devotee fifty six left. Req- lightning. The Panthers credit. They want that puck battle of a and was able to get loose for a wraparound dry. Garelli? Face up against Henrik four stroke. Switched sports rice lower bottom. Start the third base up. One by Tampa Bay. Mcdonagh at the corner, launches Tabatha, Joseph, etc. Stop and went into the Panthers bench. So we're not based off his once the neutrals. Panthers entered play tonight nine points behind its bird. For the second wildcard spot. Pretty healthy deficit. Also, the several. Themselves and the Panthers. Ninety six point threshold one way to look at it gets the ninety six probably gonna lead. Credible winning percentage points percentage for the Panthers down the stretch to get to ninety six neutrals phase them what's Torelli back incident task the Panthers far corner out of the nearside Matheson, perhaps it is tied up by Sorolla steel. Anthony thoroughly to drop it for turnout, but instead for Sar takes away it spins it to the lady yet. Clears it but markup yield back into lighting zone. He is going to be broken up by Sarah, Leah good, play outlets decor and at center ice. Doc in PASOK knocks it out of the air flows. It up at Matthew Joseph stays of the pocket of circles. Torelli the point mcdonagh. Shoot the puck bike award. Save. Rebound is loose. Joseph left circle feed came to serenity tip it over the net. Yours turnpike right point shooting. Got deflected wide left. Good opportunities again for the lightning. Here's the point a little pass blocked Barkov a steel at a clear to center ice. It's to record. Eric cherniak? Regroups the light yet retu- lightning of the third. Nightside coup drops to center ice, but quite steak his way across the baloney stays with Adele point point, flips it in jams it out who drop a quick counter across the blue life ninety four the slutty drew a penalty. The lane. He'll get their second.

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