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Of 12 as he battled Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz, who scored 44 points from three point range. He was nine of 13. Unfortunately, the rest of the Utah team shot 40% from the floor over also a Game seven Tuesday. Denver versus Utah this battle between these two stars Jamal Murray, just in the last three games. Is averaging 47 points again. Wow, 34 a game for the Siri's Donovan Mitchell 39 a game for the Siri's there each over 90% on free throws for the Siri's, and there's a Game seven On Tuesday, the Clippers in Game six, eliminated Dallas 1 11 to 97 Kawai Leonard with 33 points Luca don such had 38 in defeat and Boston Open the second round whipping Toronto 1 12 94. You're right, Chris. It wasn't closed. The Celtics, right 19 And like the first quarter of this one, did you know that these two met in the regular season in the bubble in Orlando, and the Celtics won that so that means so far in the Orlando Games. Toronto is owned two against Boston and 11 0 against everybody else. But my quick, quick correction of the Sacre wasn't Kristen said that I said that thing. Actually, I heard Chris's voice. Maybe just repeating it a little bit Careful here. You the first time. Wow. Wow. Milwaukee starts its second round Siri's on Monday and Houston as the first round game six tomorrow night, up three games to two against Oklahoma City. By the way after yesterday's altercation, Dennis Schroder and P. J. Tucker were each fined $25,000. No suspensions. There is one hockey playoff game still going into the first period. Vegas, trying to go up three games to one, is leading Vancouver to tow one Islanders lead three games to one of the top seed Philadelphia again three to the final this evening, and Dallas is up three games to one in its second round. Siri's After holding on 54 over Colorado, the Minnesota Vikings acquired defence of any Janek and got away from Jacksonville, who had close to 40 sex in his four seasons with the Jaguars. Bad news for the Chargers safety Derwin James has suffered a knee injury at practice today and will miss quote significant time, according to NFL network. He missed 11 games last year with a foot injury. Eagles first round wide receiver Jalen Reagor from TCU left practice because of a shoulder injury. The Philadelphia Inquirer says he could miss about a month less You wide receiver Jamaar Chase will opt out of playing this season, John Rahm defeated Dustin Johnson in a playoff outside Chicago. And a wild MLB game for Sunday night in Philadelphia. No fans there and 22 runs total. Atlanta scored 10 in the top of the second, They lead 10 Nothing. They were handing the ball to a new picture of there's Tommy Malone, who was one and four with the Orioles was just acquired from Baltimore before the trade deadline tomorrow. He left in the third inning couldn't hold a 10. Nothing leave for crying out loud. He's looking for a new team. The Braves do win, though 12 10, they end the Philadelphia five game winning streak. By the way. Tampa Bay When its fifth in a row, Detroit one, its fifth in a row Padres and Dodgers, each one on the road, and with the trade deadline tomorrow afternoon, the Padres have acquired Mitch Moreland from Boston. Batting 3 28 with power. Padres tonight have acquired Austin Nolan from Seattle batting 306. They also acquired catcher Jason Castro from the Angel. So if you're currently a Padres catcher, I would really, really check out if you have a job at the mail back to you. Thanks,.

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