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Valid with pon at participating stores through February twenty eighth coming up in two hours from now the hottest team in the NBA is in action. The raptors go for their eighth straight win taking on the magic in Toronto bread coach Nick nurse. It's about as teams versatility. That makes them so tough to beat twitched his own defense down seventeen and all of a sudden the game switches or we switch. The other night we put in we took out Danny and norm when we input in McCall and Lynn, and boom the game switches, so either either a tactic or personnel or somebody finds something, and we just hang in there pretty pretty well on its encouraging as for Orlando. They've made a charge of late and find themselves just one and a half games. Back. The eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race the clippers currently holding onto that eighth and final playoff spot in the west. They're in action later on visiting the nuggets and tonight the Spurs visit the next the Andre Jordan listed as doubtful for the next with a sprained ankle college hoops, top twenty five action of double header on CBS number seventeen Villanova and it's twenty seven Mark visit savior just about to tip off their that'll be followed by a big ten showdown. Seventh-ranked Michigan hosting number ten a Michigan state on the is one game going on. Now, the capitals lead the Rangers two one after the first period and the baseball Bryce Harper and the Phillies appear to be inching closer to finalizing a deal bills owner John Middleton. Flew to Las Vegas, the me with the former Nath slugger Friday night. And there will reportedly be a resolution by Tuesday at the latest as the Phillies remain confident that they can sign Harper now golf WGC Mexico championship. Dustin Johnson at sixty four in front of ROY McElroy is they play the second hole of their final round. Tiger Woods in a tie for sixth at eight under after birdieing his first two holes. Football more af action. I on CBS sports network at four eastern one Pacific the Birmingham iron. Visit the Atlanta legends. That's followed by the San Antonio commanders taking.

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