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Four nine twenty so i came out on willow hit twenty twenty right there by concordia made a little u-turn come out to the house and green four door. Honda civic turned in front of. I'll never forget it. Green ford or honda. Civic turned in front of me. they'll be deal and by first year and they break. Check me as i was going. I was leaning into my ryan. Turn so they checked me. I've veered back over and pinned. It wouldn't hit him in. The last thing i saw was a rotan saying left or right road dead ended. I didn't know it. So i hit that ditch so they were checking because of that not because they were dragging with you know. They're dragging me there jackson women. I found that out here. In a second i hit i saw. I flew my boy's house right. We're all my friends were at so i flew by said they heard me to scream by and then dead silence. So i hit the ditch. The cops estimate is going over. One hundred flew through full woods a privacy fence barbed wire fence landed is work. That was cool. It was cool. I don't remember the impact Hit a stood up. And i walked out and then i collapsed the ditch. And then i'll i remember that green ford or honda civic. If you out there. I still remember that car. I wish i remember the license plate. They stopped looked and left. Because i'm pretty sure they left all my my whole crew running down after me and i'm linda signed the ditch and my buddy adam. He's he's one of the owners with my business Adam service phenomenal guy. Best for instance Since high school he goes running up to me all. I'm i do. My bike to bike rollers. Your front wheels. Over their handlebars over there. It was destroyed the curve. So i hit the ditch. No went down like check. I hit the ditch straight on An idea when you're not supposed to do. I slammed in my rear brake and then sata. I didn't even touch my hand bars and i bike. Say perfectly straight. Which that doesn't that doesn't happen. It will start squirming all and That's how the essay my speed from skidmore. So i'm waiting on my side. They're on my bike is. I'm not really in pain on the bike is it's trashed so Medics get there and they can't roll me over. They go to roll me over. And i'm swinging. I don't know what's going on on my left side but it is wrecked right so they decided not to roll me over. They put me on the board on my right side. They put me in the box and lay romley. And then i'm talking to guys. Hey man put my arm down. My left arm is my arm up so he's not up man. You're humorous is broken. My he wishes snap clean. But i fell. I mommas up all right. I guess i guess that's where the pain is. I don't know and uh a shattered. My left hip was a spiderweb chunks. Missing out of it Sales in the hospital for fourteen days out time i went in win. Two fifty five came out. Lamb one one ninety seven. Yeah gray diet. I don't do that to lose weight rate. it was tough crash. Luckily you're literally this shape..

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