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Needed except for alcohol and gambling, and don't forget. Like I said, the big main event huge made of at the club versus the bullet club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it? Why do Jackson versus Kenya mega Cody, mardi girl. It's a main event on a pay per view anywhere on the planet, but you can only see it if you book your cabinet, Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling rage. Ritzy also impact versus ring of honor. Sammy Callahan versus mardi squirrel kicking that off. Live talk is Jericho with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat live talk is Jericho. Remember Eddie Guerrero with Conan Ramos. Stereo live talk, is Jericho with the entire bullet club. Live talk is Jericho with Jim Ross. Jerry the king Lawler Mick Foley, doing his twenty years of hell. Standup show. I'll do my own words of Jericho. Live show. We got killing the town versus keeping them one hundred live debate. The first round of ring of honor of honor tournaments announced bracket a lethal versus Whitmer Daniels was delirious skirl versus Titus young versus flip. Gordon bracket be Mark Briscoe versus Ferrara. Pagers. Kazarian g better go versus Bruce bruiser and Jay Briscoe versus Kenny king beyond the darkness will be that a scare your pants off. Cabana. Marge Rosa doing them professional wrestling show, busted open. We'll be there live comedy from Brad Williams. Craig gas run funches the impractical jokers live music for Corey Taylor of Slipknot, and stone sour. Phil Campbell, the bastard sons, fuzzy king. The stir the Dave Spitak project darlings of rock and roll. The cherry bombs shoot to thrill the world's best female ACC cover band blizzard of Oz, the world's best Ozzy Osbourne government. Our special guests cruise director, so Cal Val Noel Foley will be there. So many things to do is going to blow your mind listened to my appearance on Jim report this week, and what's also to hear more about it. So go join in be a part of history. Go put your cabinet, Chris Jericho, cruise dot com, and don't miss out. All right..

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