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Down scales for Cape. We're probably just gives you ten p because it's more efficient and shows you that. So anything that's beyond at two Xs really hard for your eyes to see it is a little bit sharper on tennis. That's why it's a premium. But Jim and I both, I think you had a chance to play with ten to Jim. Did the screen make your eyes bleed. Surprisingly, no, my eyes didn't leave. When I looked at that that phone, you even notice? No, no, no. It's a phenomenal display. It's the best LCD technology on the market. It doesn't do HD are because some people will say LCD HD HDR but because it doesn't do true blacks kinda does a. It goes for the higher end of the scale in the lower endoscopic. It's a whole a whole video on it again, explain the whole thing. But the thing is the iphone ten, our cost less than the iphone. So it has less green density as one camera that of two cameras. It has three gigabytes of ram because it doesn't have to push all the pixels that attend has to push and I could go on and on about why there's like real simple reasons for all the stuff and people should just ask I and film videos and right, angry blog, post later lease. Please. Please watch reunites Victor video on that to get all of the details because it's all gonna make sense in all gonna come out very clear on. You're gonna understand it. So anytime somebody posts something. Hang on some blogs about the iphone ten, our cost too much money and just gives you a bunch of outdated technology. You'll be able to understand it has also the same world. I eight, seven nanometer processor as the iphone, Dennis understand how wrong someone is on the internet. All right. No, Rene, thank you for for that as well, because I, some of these, it seems a lot of the times the Nate well, and it makes sense. I'm sure Georgia can speak to this, but the and we've actually talked about before about iphone, like antenna gate and all of these different ones that have come out. The negative stuff is the stuff that seems to carry farther. Sorry further, and it is also I've noticed a matter of those negative things more likely to reach the public and sort of folks aren't steeped in in tech every day. And so when my family is asking, oh, I heard that this I phone is blah because I'm like stand in for apple in my family. They complain to me instead of the company, then I can sort of explain what's going on there. So that is that is helpful. And I have always been, of course, an advocate for. Explaining away falsehoods in in in better understanding things in general when and helping people understand things when they don't. So yeah, that's a great video to check out. I would Jim kinda credit because like I was I was not sure how to handle any of the stuff a long time ago I went to them and said, Joe, I feel like I'm just giving them attention if I address this and he said, no, you're, they don't matter. It's the, it's the audience that matters..

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