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The United center and dumped coal in their own stockings a seven one loss to New Jersey rested refocus last night they beat the islanders five to a recovery of sorts German calendar was better we match the puck better there was stretches where we didn't in knowing threaten to give them life and now we got a few saves thought we manage the game better than we have at home and would like to see more of that and improve those saves came from robin letter who stopped thirty eight of forty shots thrown at him by his old team the islanders Dennis Gilbert notched his first career goal Jonathan Dave's got his three hundred thirty sixth could leak to break it high more also scored hawks had to Columbus tomorrow that of course being the home of not only the blue jackets but Ohio State University and tonight Buckeye football meets Clemson in the second of college football's national semi finals yes already December twenty eighth it's the earliest date yet here's always use Ryan this has been a unique preparation it was a challenge to get our guys you know rest the No often they're prepared play this building but it was the same for both teams and playing the game on January first would be nice just to keep the tradition going there in the Fiesta Bowl Ellis you in Oklahoma me to the peach bowl this afternoon the schedule today also includes Penn state in Memphis in the Cotton Bowl and Notre Dame and I was stating the camping world bowl in Orlando yesterday number sixteen I will be number twenty two U. S. C. forty nine twenty four in the holiday bowl emir Smith Mar said had rushing receiving and kick return touchdowns all in the first half Michigan state beat Wake Forest twenty seven twenty one in the pinstripe bowl North Carolina Texas a and M. Air Force One bowl games as well bulls hosting Atlanta tonight fire hired a new field boss Rafael wiki he most recently was the U. S. under seventeen squad manager and is now the nice time ninety full time manager in that fire history bears Vikings tomorrow the Minnesota is expected rest quarterback Kirk cousins and many of its regulars but the bears will play those starters who are not hurt or at least that is the plan right now exclusive coverage from the Twin Cities begins at nine here on the home of the bears Rick Greg's ready or seven eighty and one of five point nine FM WBBM news time six forty eight traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by the Chicago bar lawyer referral service and here's trend here XML rob things look terrific on the even send Kennedy you're moving at posted speeds there's no issues no slow spots at all to be found in twenty minutes on the Kennedy between Hairan downtown to and from the the junction is just hand we want to use the express you can there come on in and they'll just take eighty up outside of the Eisenhower twenty nine route three ninety sixteen make that the inbound side sixteen from Mannheim up outside the same either way you want to take it sixteen and twenty nine out to route three ninety in Mannheim respectively the end outside the Stevenson slow approaching the Dan Ryan most of this delay is on the the in Dan Ryan ramp the inbound and Ryan ramp there but the main lines moving at thirty two minutes from three fifty five lake shore drive twenty two from the tri state committed from Cicero is twelve up on Saturdays ten minutes this is row twenty to the tri state and thirty clear to three fifty five fifty five north and southbound without delay and looking good on the Dan Ryan fifteen between ninety five if then downtown it are up on fifty seven in the bishop for you'll find the same clear and fifteen minutes between the Dan Ryan and I eighty or eighty ninety four lake shore drive north and south bound in great shape and no trouble at all in the tri state or Adams Reagan and veterans memorial checking in just fine that's fifty three and three ninety looking good as well as northwest Indiana of your eighty ninety four ninety four and I sixty five moving along just fine posted speed you'll find that on the Indiana toll road as.

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